Just a fast note. First Sorry site was down a lot past two days. We had WordPress troubles and then changes to help by GoDaddy company totally messed up web site. It looks to all be fixed now thankfully.

All the new weeks Stats for Bluebook Football Betting Magazine are up and loaded for Week 3.

Last we will do a full recap article for “Gameday Picks” very shortly. We had an overall nice winning week and are back on winning side of ledger for this new season. I do have our first “2 UNIT BEST BET” in NFL so far. So those who only want those type picks you can buy that pick now. We did hit our first two (1 1/2 UNIT) Best Bets last week to start off (2-0) with any sized Best Bet this new 2021 FB Season.

I also will load my weekly Podcast here on this web site later today. I got behind due to all the technical issues and am catching up now.

Hope you all had a winning week last week.

Gary Greene