MIAMI, FLA. (-6 1/2 or -7)  vs. LA. TECH   ~   TOTAL: (50)

MIAMI-FLA OFFENSE (#90) ~ (122 RUSH, 257 PASS)  vs. LA. TECH DEFENSE (#68) ~ (143 RUSH, 248 PASS allowed)

LA. TECH OFFENSE (#30) ~ (168 RUSH, 277 PASS)  vs. MIAMI-FLA DEFENSE (#13) ~ (110 RUSH, 198 PASS allowed)


PITTSBURGH (-11 1/2 or -12) vs. EASTERN MICHIGAN ~ TOTAL: (49)

PITT OFFENSE (#93) ~ (121 RUSH, 252 PASS)  vs. EASTERN MICHIGAN DEFENSE (#92) ~ (202 RUSH, 226 PASS allowed)

EASTERN MICHIGAN OFFENSE (#66) ~ (122 RUSH, 281 PASS)  vs.  PITT DEFENSE (#11) ~ (107 RUSH, 196 PASS allowed)

It’s always nice to have a few Bowl games in action on a day normally now of no action, but the Bowl Gods did us no favors with two really terrible match ups. We will see just one Offense Thursday ranked in the top half of all CFB teams. We will get to see two Top 13 Defenses. These 4 teams spent Christmas away from Home, and Bowl games in Shreveport or Detroit will be something that fires up young College Kids. We have two teams (Miami and E. Michigan) that got rewarded for basically awful seasons, going just (6-6). How bad did Miami’s season end? Try losses to two bad teams that ranked #97 and #114 on Offense. Now add in Miami will be without 3 Defensive starters and a top WR (all sitting out for NFL Draft). La Tech could be most excited team playing Thursday as they are shooting for a school record 10th win. They also come in on a 5 game Bowl Game Win streak. La Tech 3 losses came to 3 Bowl teams (UAB, Texas and Marshall).

In the Pitt/E. Michigan game the fans for E. Mich have a very short drive if they want to root on their team. Ypsilanti is only 36 miles from Detroit so a good crowd backing them is very possible. Pitt lost it’s last two games, crushing it’s chances of securing a much bigger Bowl game. They scored only 19 points in those two combined losses, as the Offense has never really gotten on track this season. The Defense is very good and really the only reason they made a Bowl game at all. E. Michigan does possess a more fun Offense, as they did pile up 124 points it’s final 3 games (2 Wins). Pitt Offense simply doesn’t make many Big plays, especially thru the air, with the #117 team passing attempts (just 10.5 yards). Hard to ever lay double digits with a team that needs to grind out long drives just to score points. In fact Pitt only scored 16 TD’s this season in 36 Red Zone trips. Ouch.


Just take note if you are betting Miami due to a solid Defense ranking, this won’t be close to that Defense with 3 key starters sitting out. It’s always a gamble trying to figure out what teams really want to play in these very low level Bowl games, especially day after Christmas. I wouldn’t be shocked to see an Upset in either game. I really don’t think you can truly call either Dog winning Thursday a real Upset. I have to end saying no team to me came in with so much talent as Miami did, only to once again have a terrible season. This team is one of the 3 or 4 most underachieving team and HC Manny Diaz has called some really horrific games, totally playing way too conservatively. If you bet either these two Toilet Bowls, bet less than your normal. So many really “LIVE” games ahead this Bowl season where you should at least get an honest hard played 4 quarters effort. 

Have a great rest of your Bowl season and may all your wagers be WINNING ones!

Gary Greene