Well folks we have now seen everyone enough to easily get solid grades for everyone out there. This year has seen the loaded and well coaches Rams simply dominate really all it’s opponents. Right now easily clear favorite to win the Super Bowl.

As good as this season has gone for the Rams, it’s been a different story and bad start for a few teams who expected to be Playoff Caliber teams. The N.Y. Giants are the team playing way under it’s potential. They picked stud RB Barkley and he’s played very well. Not many other players on his squad have though, especially QB Eli Manning, who just looks slow, old, and possibly on his final weeks if things don’t improve fast.

This week we have a few young Rookie QB’s heading into some rough terrain as the Jets young QB Darnold will face of the elite Defensive Minds in the NFL for years, Minny HC and really DC as well, Mike Zimmer. This will be a real test and good look at where he is with now half dozen games under his belt.

So far Darnold has faced the #23, #25, #27, #28 Defenses. He’s also faced #17 and one top 15 Defense, the #2 Jags. So he really hasn’t been tested. He led the Jets to 12 points and 17 points vs. #25 and #28 Fins and Browns Defenses (both losses).  He led Jets to 12 points vs. the Jags elite Defense. 

Now he faces Mike Zimmer who may be the top Defensive Mind in the NFL today. The Vikings Defense is now ranked #16. That’s a ranking that’s too low for the talent they have. They will improve week to week as they simply have too much veteran talent. So the young Jets QB, Darnold, will face his second toughest Defense on Sunday. I’ll be watching close to see how he handles all the different things Zimmer will test him with.

Next we have young San Fran QB Beathard facing one of the oldest DC’s in the NFL, and still one of the elite, Wade Phillips. The Rams are only #11 in Defense Rankings, but they’ve played some very tough Offense’s thus far. The Rams DL will really pressure Bathard and that’s where we really learn how good Beathard is. . The Rams hold opposing Offenses under 100 yards per game, so Beathard will have to beat them passing the ball. I will say this, this young kid impressed me last year when he got some starts, and this year he has as well. He is still raw, but he has no fear and he will run for first downs in traffic even knowing he’s gonna get crushed. He extends drives and at least gives this still very young team a chance to win. Sunday will likely be toughest test he faces this year. 

Miami will again start Brock Osweiler. He won last week in a crazy game, but he was lucky his WR’s made huge gains after the catch and turned them into long scoring TD’s. That’s more luck then skill of leading team on long drives. This kid is one of worst QB’s I’ve ever seen. Now he faces former Patriots DC, Matt Patricia, now Lions Head Coach. Patricia now has he sea legs after a tough start. The Lions have already beaten the Patriots and Packers at home. Now they get the Dolphins off a “bye” week. Patricia is one of the best Defensive minds in the game. He isn’t loaded with talent on that side of the ball, and he does rely on the loaded talent on the Offensive side of the ball. Osweiler at least has a full start under his belt, and some confidence coming into this game. I’ve rarely seen this guy play two solid games back to back. If he does this week, the Dolphins will stay in contention.

Last we will go to young stud Baker Mayfield, Browns QB. He is the one guy getting an easy task facing possibly the worst Defense in the NFL, the Tampa Bay Bucs. They so far can’t stop the kids in the neighborhood. In just 5 games, their DC Mike Smith got canned. This team is in disarray on both sides of the ball. The problem with taking the Browns is, well they are still really the Browns. Worst HC in the league, and they head in with Mayfield a little gimpy with bad leg he hurt last week. If healthy, Mayfield has chance for big stats as the Bucs Defense allows 356 yards vs. Pass. It’s 2nd worst Pass Defense and they simply get no pass rush and secondary can’t cover. This game will show me if Browns are still the Clowns or if they have turned the corner and are now at least a decent NFL team.

This is my favorite month of the year and the NFL has been very good to me. Of course the games I pick and bet are my first most importance of the weekend, but it’s also the games like this Sunday where I get to grade these young Rookie QB’s and see where they really are 1/3rd of the way thru this 2018 season and their very first seasons.

Have a great weekend ahead and may all your wagers be WINNING ones. If you are not winning yet, give me a call, we are off to fantastic start, and October my favorite Football Month to bet. And don’t forget College Hoops starts in 3 weeks. My favorite sport of all and November will give us 3 chances to win big, NFL, CFB and CBB. 

God Bless,

Gary Greene