For many folks a road trip is a fun time to enjoy the sights and scenery of a different area. For 4 teams in Football this weekend won’t be a fun one unless they pull off a win in a very tough situation.

The NFL schedulers were not kind to the Seattle Seahawks, sending them not just on the road for it’s first two games, but to: Denver and now across country to Chicago, facing a team off the most crushing loss of the week 1 slate. 

For the Detroit Lions, they surely can’t play worse then week 1, so it’s all uphill from here. But what do they get for their game 2 assignment as they travel cross country to later time zone on a short week to play a SF team that lost it’s opener and it’s Cinderella QB off his first ever loss as a starting QB.

San Diego gets faced with the always horrible west coast to east coast trip and early start time. Lucky for them the hapless Bills team is the team awaiting their arrival. The Bolts will likely be without their stud DE and elite pass rusher Joey Bosa, so it’s up to some other guys to pick up the slack. QB Rivers looked good in the week 1 loss, but it’s the same ole story with these Chargers. Come up short in games they are supposed to win. Rivers is now 48-52 in his last 100 games, which kinda surprised me, and they can NOT afford to go 0-2, nor lose to this worst team in the NFL, Buffalo Bills.

Last we go to College Football action, where the shocking (3-0) Hawaii kids travel 6,000, yes folks, 6000 long miles, a zillion time zone changes, to face Army at basically 6am/Hawaii time. This has always been a sore spot with me, and how disgusting CFB heads are to allow this type of crap to happen. Nobody looking out for the best interest of the Hawaii kids, as it’s already bad enough they are forced to fly the most miles of any team on the planet, they should never be forced to these early starts too. 

Gary Greene