GREEN BAY OFFENSE (#21) – (107-230)  vs. MINNY VIKINGS DEFENSE (#14) – (99 RUSH, 240 PASS allowed)

MINNY VIKINGS OFFENSE (#10) – (136 RUSH/237 PASS) vs. GREEN BAY DEFENSE (#23) – (121 RUSH, 250 PASS allowed)


Well folks it’s no secret that once again the spotlight for a huge Prime Time TV game (this time on Monday Night game) hits Vikings QB Kirk Cousins. Unless you have been in a coma for past 5 years you would know although Cousins has been paid like a Top 3 QB who has won Titles and at worst many Playoff games and Big games. But truth is this bum has never won anything. Not even one big game. He has a handful of wins in his career vs. teams with a winning record. He is (0-8) on Monday Nights and he lost his only Playoff start ever. Plain and simple he can win when there is no pressure and when there is pressure, this dude is the Poster Child for a QB with “Deer in Headlights” syndrome. Earlier this season he beat Dallas and you could almost say he beat a solid winning team. But again we saw Sunday, the Cowboys aren’t even a .500 team. This game tonight is by far the biggest game of Kirk Cousins career. Can he finally step up on a big stage and win a big game? I would NEVER, EVER, EVER bet on that happening. There is zero to provide you to believe “this is the time he finally does it”. Pro bettors never bet “due”, they wait til a guy like this actually finally does it first once. 

Listen the Vikings are a great Home team. HC Zimmer has the best Home record of any HC in the NFL as HC of the Vikings. He know faces his biggest rival, the Packers, in a big game, but not a “Must Win” for the Packers, as they only need one win in these final two games to win the NFC North (final game vs. horrific Lions team). The Vikings need to win tonight and pray for the miracle upset of the season next week by Detroit, or they are looking at the 5 or 6 seed and a Road Playoff game. For tonight though, this is chance #40 for Cousins to prove he’s worth 160 million bucks salary. He got paid for yardage piled up, but many of it at times was when way behind at garbage time.  In the first meeting at Green Bay, late in game, with Vikings inside red zone, down only 5 points and a chance to pull his first ever big win, Cousins choked, as he always has. He got picked off in end zone and the Packers won 21-16. When you know Cousins like I do, you knew somehow late he’d blow game when biggest pressure hit him. He is the worst “MONEY” QB of all time in the NFL, for the money he has been paid. 

The Packers are going for a Title and yet the Offense is #21, and the Defense is #23. This team isn’t loaded by any means, but when game is close, QB A. Rodgers gets the job done. Green Bay has shockingly become a more low scoring game type team, with 5 Unders the past 6 games. The Defense comes off it’s best back to back to back games all season allowing only 13, 15 and 13 points. They have stifled all the worst Offenses this season, facing the #25, #28 and #32 Offenses on the Road. But on Road vs. elite Offenses, (SF #6, LAC #8 and Dallas #1), they got pounded, allowing 37 points, 26 points and 24 points. They are (4-2) straight up on the Road though and very capable of another road win tonight.

The Vikings are actually now a high scoring game type team as they have been total opposite GB as they’ve played 5 of last 6 OVER the Total. Like GB’s Defense, they stepped up the past two weeks allowing only 7 and 10 points. They are a perfect (6-0) straight up at Home this season, winning all but one by double digits (wins by 16, 20, 18, 10, 4 and 13 points).  Green Bay has not won yet since the opening of this beautiful new Vikings Stadium (US Bank Stadium). 

Green Bay has a strong (11-3) record, but only 4 wins came by over a TD. How do they win? They are second in league in fewest turnovers and the Defense may be best “bend but don’t break” in entire league. They have 3rd most Interceptions and are 5th best in Red Zone, allowing under 50% Touchdowns inside that key Red Zone. 

The Packers are (9-5) ATS and have played 8 Unders and 6 Overs. The Vikings are (8-6) ATS and have played 8 Overs and 6 Unders.


This game means a lot to both, but there is really zero pressure on Green Bay as they know they should beat a Lions team that with a loss next week is locked into the #3 Draft pick. So Rodgers can play loose while there is no way Cousins can. He knows he’s the worst “BIG GAME” QB of all time. He once got super excited for a mere worthless regular season Win with Redskins. You would’ve thought he just won a Super Bowl. He’s lost vs. teams late in season that weren’t in Playoff contention. Now he’s facing one of the 3 Best QB’s all time with Pressure galore. The good news for Vikings fans is this game is at Home where they are possibly the best Home team in NFL past few years. They’ve crushed really every opponent at Home. But none of those games really was against good teams. Only Philly (who still needs a win next week) is a team that will go to the Playoffs. Rodgers loves these challenges. Cousins will likely wear Depends tonight as he will surely be crapping his pants at kick off time. He has his best team possible so no more excuses. Although stud RB D. Cook is out, so if they lose that will be said the reason for loss. Cousins is a fake stat loader. When game is on line, he’s last QB you want if you need to score a TD on final drive in closing minutes. Having stud WR A. Theilen back is very big though. This is Cousins time to finally shine and erase a career of really all failures. He’s no Mr. October (a Playoff game big time gamer). Weather no factor, fast track inside US Bank Stadium and some fun Offenses of lots of talent. What Defense can make the big play or cause key turnover? That is team that wins tonight. I feel like it’s Xmas morning getting to watch Cousins in a big game. Heck I have a vacation Home betting against this Overpaid Bum in big games. I wish the pressure was on GB to have to win. Then we have a no brainer who to bet. Sadly it’s not a must win for Packers giving a nice edge to Vikings. No Cook isn’t a crippling blow, as backup RB Mattison is a stud too. Sunday night we saw a clunker with KC/Chicago. This game should be much more entertaining. 

Have a great new week ahead, may all your Wagers be “WINNING” ones and have a Happy and Safe Holidays season ahead.

God Bless,

Gary Greene