1). JAX JAGS QB MINSHEW:  22-47-309    0 TD’s    2 INTS/2 Fumbles

2). HOUSTON DEFENSE: First game no JJ Watt, allowed 356 and forced 4 Turnovers

3). WASHINGTON REDSKINS OFFENSE: Now 13 straight Quarters without a TD. RB A. Peterson 108 total yards rushing, but 100 came in first half.

4). WASHINGTON REDSKINS DEFENSE: Held Bills to 39 rushes/122 yards (3.1) yards per carry. Stopped F. Gore 3x at 1 yard line. Held QB Allen to 160 pass yards.

5). BUFFALO BILLS: Have 7 wins this year. They have faced teams in wins with (8-39) record. Make it (8-32) without their 7 wins.

6). TENNY TITANS QB TANNNEHILL: Sacked 4x. OL just is brutal bad. Kicker Succop missed all 3 FG’s.

7). MINNY VIKES QB KIRK “NEVER WON A BIG GAME” COUSINS: Well he sucked again vs. winning team. He once again struggled mightily vs. blitzes and high pressure. (19-38-220). He had 12 overthrows and only one pass completed to a guy not wide open. KC was missing 6 starters and Cousins couldn’t lead team to a win. He is a joke and always will be. His wins come against all bad teams (5 lifetime vs. team with winning record). On Road just a joke vs. solid teams. Deer in Headlights…never ever bet this POS as he is who we thought he was: SHIT QB!

8). MIAMI DOLPHINS: As I mentioned 3 weeks ago this team has not quit and not really tanking. They scored a season high 26 points. They are competing hard still. This team has very little talent. Prior to this Jets win, the Fins had led all of 3:46 second all season. Led 36+ minutes of this game. Miami only rushed for (2.1) yards per carry (24 rushes) and sadly saw best WR Perriman carted off field.

9). NY JETS OFFENSE:  OL stinks and gets very little push. L. Bell rushed for (17-66) but again less then even 4 yards per carry (3.9). His longest run was 14 yards.

10). CHICAGO BEARS: Had 9 total yards at Half. They are sinking to new low levels. They had the ball on Offense only 39 plays. The Eagles ran 74 plays. All talk is Trubisky is the problem. He is part but I have the Bears problems ranked: 1). Head Coach  2). OFF LINE  3). NO RB’S  4). DEFENSE way OVERATED (Allowed 239 pass, 146 rush) and worse allowed 4 straight 3rd downs late in game when only down 5 points. Allowed Eagles 8+ min final drive to ice game.  5). Trubisky    6). WR’s run awful routes, rarely separate.  At some point the blame must also go to Defense. It’s really a bottom 12 Defense right now.  Overpaid LB Mack: 4 tackles and 1 QB hit. Now just 1 sack in last 4 games combined.

11). PITTSBURGH STEELERS: Backed into lucky win on missed Colts FG. Star again was S Minkah Fitzpatrick who is paying off bigly of his trade from Dolphins. Another INT (96 yard TD as well) and 3rd in 6 days. He has been fantastic and saving Defense in secondary on lots of big pass plays. I do like week to week improvement of QB Rudolph. Forget any stats….he is getting much better reading Defenses and he still makes minor mistakes, but he is not a detriment in any way. He makes big plays and plays fearless.

12). INDY COLTS: 3 things in life for sure: Death, Taxes and Colts will play a close game. Missed Vinateri FG cost a win. Now 5 misses by the once never miss Kicker. He missed an extra point too. It proves Father Time gets to us all. Colts lost C – Ryan Kelly in 1st quarter. Gigantic loss. Colts now have had all 8 games decided by a TD or less.

13). DETROIT DEFENSE: Soon I will have to make this Defense stay back. Another F grade as they can’t stop pass or run. Guys run wide open all over field. They miss tackles at rate Higher than any other team. They allowed 289 pass and 171 rush.  They’d be getting blown out but Offense is really good. This Defense won’t get better rest of way. Too many problems. Not minor. All major. If you can’t tackle or cover, you are cooked.

14). DETROIT OFFENSE: 406 yards passing by QB Stafford, 90 more rushing. You must win games when O is gaining 500 yards. Tough loss for Lions as stud RT Trent Brown got hurt on Opening drive. Tried to tough it out on drive 2, but didnt last. Missed rest of game.

15). SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: QB R. WILSON 29-43-378 – 5 TD’s. Easily by Star of Week. This is worst (7-2) overall team I’ve seen in years. They have a few nice pieces of solid talent on Offense, Lockett and Carson both shining stars. Carson was first RB to gain over 100 yards all year on TB Defense. We shall soon see if this Hawks team is legit. I love Wilson, always have. I am stunned this team is 7-2.   This Defense is bad. Can’t cover at all. DL gets almost no push. Opposing QB’s all day to pass. Going to be all shootouts ahead.

16). TAMPA BAY BUCS: Some teams just don’t know how to win. Bucs Offense is pretty darn good. WR Mike Evans is possibly best WR in NFL. (12 catches-180).  The Defense was going pretty good but against elite QB’s they get lit up like a Xmas tree. Other than Lions D letting wide outs be open by wide margins, Bucs were #2 last week in my tape grading. TB also had some bad news as 2 Def starters and 1 backup all went down with injury. (Davis, Nassib and backup Nelson (who took Nassibs spot).  Bucs will be in lots shootouts ahead.

17). CLEVELAND BROWNS: Listen I was not one on big season for Brownies bandwagon. But I can’t lie, I never expected this. I figured 7 wins. I thought HC Kitchens was a bad hire. And wow is that playing out. He’s gone at seasons end. The Offense play calling and then Mayfield rushing throws and overthrowing guys or a tad behind is happening too much. Inside 30 they implode somehow all time. Last week they ended with FG at Denver 21, 12, 9 and 13. This is on Play caller (who is also moron HC Kitchens). Two times stopped on 4th down. The plays called were quick passes and didn’t even allow for Mayfield to survey field. WR Odell Beckham is a complete non factor. It’s insane. Any smart play caller passes him ball 12x a game. Just lob in around him. Nope. Too stupid. Browns also two bad injuries to make wound worse. TX Seals-Jones and DE Vernon left game with knee and leg injuries. This team commits too many penalties too. That too falls onto HC. You can’t lay points with this Browns team as I don’t know how they pull away from anyone?

18). GREEN BAY PACKERS OFFENSE:  Well folks they are mortal after all. They tossed in a mulligan as they never showed up. Rodgers 161 pass yards is fourth lowest in 4 qtrs of play ever. The OL got completely dominated. One of worst OL-DL grades I’ve seen this year. They simply got overpowered on almost every single play. Rodgers 161 passing number inflated too as he had 100 yards passing in 4th quarter when way down. GB had a whopping 50 total yards in first half.

19). L.A. CHARGERS OFFENSE: Best full game I’ve seen this Offense play in years. 9 possessions and no 3 and outs. 1 punt. Had 36-24 Time of Poss adv against one of greatest QB’s ever. You have to give all credit to new OC Shane Steichen. He mixed plays brilliantly. The Offense just gelled entire game. LAC had 159 rushing. How big was this number? It was off charts considering they had been held under 40 yards rushing the prior 4 games. Rivers was 21-28-294 and made some really perfect passes. LAC Defense was best I’ve seen them play with Joey Bosa in lineup. He had 1 1/2 sacks and caused pressure lots other plays. Bosa has 5 1/2 sacks the last 3 weeks. Hey Raiders QB Carr, he’s coming. But Oak OL is really under rated. T Incognito is a beast and been the best pickup maybe of any player. I honestly was like this team is really grasping bringing in this old guy who is crazy….but he is dominating my tape watching.

20). PATS QB TOM BRADY:  another INT, now 5 in last 6 games. OL is average at best. Pats 13 game win streak ends. Defense that put up video game stats vs. weak opponents got smoked by solid Ravens Offense.

21). RAVENS OFFENSE: I have to give QB Jackson credit, no other player can make plays he makes with his legs and juke moves. Ravens grinded out the run game just manhandling Pats Defense for 210 rush yards. I have to say RB Ingram is still a really strong RB. He is a bruiser and just what this Offense needed. Great pickup in Offseason. It continues on to be as well: DO NOT BET AGAINST JOHN HARBAUGH at HOME. (68-24) and (21-4) in November are insane numbers.

22).  NY GIANTS QB DANIEL JONES: This kid (16 turnovers now) is a Titantic right now. He couldn’t get worse grade again. (F-). He’s lost 5 straight, and most have been thanks to his Xmas giving like we rarely see. 3 more turnovers (2 lost fumbles and INT) and continual overthrows. He was sacked 5x as OL now fading fast too. Offense just has zero besides stud RB Barkley. TE Engram injured too…this is turning into a nightmare season.

23). DALLAS OFFENSE: looked a bit off a lot this game, but managed to come up with a big play every time they needed it. We still really haven’t seen the superstar run game of RB Zeke Elliot. If it returns, watch out for this Cowboys Offense.



(*ALL PICKS MADE THRU MONDAY November 4, 2019)

LAST WEEK RECORD OVERALL: (7-3)    CFB: (5-2) / NFL: (2-1)


OVERALL RECORD (CFB & NFL) COMBINED: (67-43-4) ~ (61%)

OVERALL “BEST BETS” (2 and 2 1/2 UNITS):  (10-3) ~  (77%)


CFB OVERALL:  (43-27-2) ~ (61%)

CFB “SIDES”: (31-22-2) ~ (58%)

CFB “TOTALS”: (12-5)  ~ (70%)

CFB “BEST BETS”: (7-0)  ~ (100%)


NFL OVERALL:  (24-16-2) ~ (60%)

NFL “SIDES”:  (12-8)  ~ (60%)

NFL “TOTALS”: (12-8-2) ~ (60%)

NFL “BEST BETS”: (3-3) ~ (50%)