Well folks the NFL welcomed 7 new Head Coaches to the league and they all went home on the short end of the stick. Seven disappointing debuts and for a few, that same experience will be the norm every Sunday night as they walk off the field.

You have to feel bad for Titans HC Mike Vrabel, who had to endure 2 delays and 7 plus hours before the game was decided. Now he has a mess on his hands with Mariota already injured. I am not a Mariota fan at all, but facing this one week in for a new HC trying to get some things in motion is just terrible news for Vrabel. He also lost his top TE for the season in Game 1, and trust me folks, veteran guys who can play don’t grow on trees to pick up in week 2.

The long awaited return of Jon Gruden to the Raiders was great for a half, heck even 3 quarters, until the bottom fell out in the fourth and a close game turned quite ugly. Trading your best player (K. Mack) a few days before opener is as asinine as I’ve ever seen and now knowing your QB is simply not elite level, and wow this season can get ugly really fast on Jon. He may wish he was back in Booth in a month or so.

New Bears HC Nagy had to be the most crushed after his team blew a 20-0 lead. I give credit to Pack QB A. Rodgers, but Nagy played “not to lose” for the entire second half and made some horrific calls in his first game at the Head Job. Of the 7 new HC’s though, he is in the best position to win this season.

Arizona HC Steve Wilks is in the worst position to win this year and may not win more then 2-3 games. He clearly didn’t have his team ready in any phase of the game vs. the Redskins and there aren’t many great pieces to make this team anything but a “bet against” all season long.

Lions HC Matt Patricia had a worse game then Wilks and that thought coming into his MNF debut game seemed impossible with how bad the Cardinals performed. But spotted a 7-0 lead after one play, it was a demolition the rest of the game by a young Jets squad. Now hearing players on the Lions aren’t at all happy with Patricia and his many rules and this start couldn’t be any worse for Lions fans. I also thought the guy looked like a “joke” too wearing his ball cap backwards. He didn’t coach like a big time NFL coach and he looked like a slob and represented the team horribly. He already thinks he’s his old boss, Bill Belichick. He inherited a decent set of talent and a really bad first month will really make for a long, and difficult season ahead.

Colts new HC Frank Reich is likely breathing a sigh of relief seeing his stud QB Luck return for a season plus off. Luck threw ball well and that will give him a chance to win every week as his core of receivers is solid. They will score points. He needs to mix up his pass/run ratio though as that week 1 ratio will only get Luck battered by midseason.

Last NYG HC Shurmur had chances to beat a really elite team, but he simply couldn’t pull it off. It was clear from get go that full attention was going to WR O. Beckham. He looked good, but nothing great. New stud RB Barkley rushed for over 100 yards, but that was so misleading as 68 came on one rush. He had only 38 on his other 17 carries. QB Eli Manning had (6.1) YPC average which will not win many games. The Defense played well and kept them in the game, but this team has no margin for mistakes or average play. 

Tough start for all 7 new Head Coaches and week 2 doesn’t look to bode well for 6 as they are underdogs in Game 2 on Sunday. Only Bears HC Nagy is a favorite to win on Sunday. 

So you wanna be a NFL Head Coach, huh?  

Gary Greene