NAVY (2-0)  @ MEMPHIS (3-0) — LINE MEMPHIS (-11) ~ TOTAL (54)

The Navy team so far in 2019 looks much improved on both sides of the ball as the QB Perry just so much more comfortable in the Offense and is making all the right reads and even looks faster then a year ago. Navy Defense so far also very solid against the run and stopping the pass as well. Navy vs. Run last year allowed (5.1) yards per carry and this year only (2.6) yards per carry.

Already this season Navy QB Perry has completed 11 passes (11-16), that’s more pass completions already this year than all of last season. He leads the #1 Rush attack in the country (371 yards rushing per game) and with that extra pressure on Opposing Defenses that he might now pass ball too, the running game will open up even more.

Memphis we knew coming in had beasts on the Offensive side of the ball with veteran QB Brady White a very solid passer (72% pass completions so far) and add in a two headed RB Monster in Gainwell and Watkins (both rushed for over 100 yards last week) and this team will score points vs. almost everybody.

It’s pretty cool to see a matchup of two top Defenses in the entire country (Memphis #3 and Navy #4). Last year you would’ve never seen this. Memphis has played 3 cupcakes so you can’t read too much into that ranking on Defense other than they played, well 3 Cupcakes. Neither team has really even seen it’s Opponent in the Red Zone as Navy has only had to endure that 4x (2 TD’s allowed) and Memphis only 5x (in 3 games), allowing only 3 TD’s that route so far.

Both Offenses though have looked almost perfect scoring at will and simply dominating it’s opponents. Navy is #23 Offense, with the Rush attack #1 (372 rushing yards per game). Now though adding 127 yards passing to Navy’s Offensive attack will be a huge headache for opposing Defenses as it used to be a sure thing run every single play.

Memphis Offensive attack is the kind I just love, equal yards passing or running. Memphis is averaging 227 rushing and 263 passing and they have weapons everywhere to make a big play and will score points relatively easily this season. The real Navy true Defensive test will be tonight vs. Memphis QB White who is as solid a passer as you will see and he’s really looking sharp throwing ball these first 3 games.

Last year Navy had a solid comeback win, grabbing a one point win, 22-21. Last 4 meetings Navy is averaging 349 rush yards per game vs. Memphis and that was without any threat of the pass. Memphis turnovers killed them last year and so I’d expect the talk all week is “protect the ball”. Memphis is an impressive (9-1) ATS Hosting AAC opponents and (7-1) ATS on weekday games. Navy is a solid (40-20) ATS as a visiting Underdog, but they have lost 13 straight road games which leaves me unable to grab a somewhat generous double digit points. I have never been a fan of this Navy HC, and was actually surprised the road losing skid was at 13. Maybe tonight Navy ends that and it’s a lucky 13, but I am not sure Navy’s D can slow White passing it, which will then open up the run lanes for the two headed Tigers backfield.

Enjoy the game.

Gary Greene