Well let’s start with your favorite NFL team chances if you are sitting (0-2) after two weeks. Well they sure the hell ain’t good. Since 1990 if an NFL team starts out (0-2), well only 30x has a team that started (0-2) made the Playoffs. If you are a Redskins fan or Giants, Bengals or Dolphins fan and you insanely thought your team might make the Playoffs, go take a long nap. But if you are a Broncos, Panthers, Steelers or Jaguars fan, you and me both came into this season feeling your team had a legit shot to make the Playoffs this year. Now to make the (0-2) start worse if you are a Steelers or Jaguars fan you don’t even have your stud QB in to help reverse this bad start. Right now I don’t foresee any of the 4 I just mentioned garnering a Playoff berth as all 4 simply have problems to overcome.

The one I feel still that is “Live” is the Broncos. They have a veteran QB (Flacco) and some really nice studs on Defense. I think they made a bad choice at Head Coach with Fangio. I don’t like older guys (old schoolers) taking over teams when it’s now a young guys league at the Coaching spot. Denver’s top problem is Holding Penalties coming at the worst of times. Also the play calling is simply awful. Forty of Flaccos 56 passes were under 10 yards. I get they clearly have no confidence in the OL to protect Flacco, but you gotta make big plays in the NFL at some point and getting 27 first downs but having to continue to make play after play after play to finally score points is a lot to ask. Getting 14 points with 27 first downs is almost unheard of. The Broncos though have the schedule to make their own Playoff destiny as the AFC West Title is not doable, as KC has that won already. But they get to play a slew of teams that are simply above average and so they can get hot here at some point, finish with 9 wins, and steal a Wild Card spot.

If you are a Steelers fan, losing Big Ben hurts bigtime. I don’t mind Rudolph coming in as he won’t be the problem ahead. I do not like the weapons he has other then Ju Ju.  RB Conner getting hurt again isn’t helping the young QB in any way, but having Butterfingers Moncrief dropping every pass thrown his way surely is even hurting team worse. I just don’t feel this Steelers team will turn this around to earn a Playoff spot.

Carolina plays in a division it could compete now with Brees out for half a season. I have never been a Cam Newton fan, but this guy’s above the shoulders problems are now a below the shoulders problem too. He is clearly not close to where he needs to be health wise and either he’s going to soon get carted off or poor C. McCafferty is when teams start loading the box to stop him and he starts getting hit hard way too often. I can’t see Carolina going on any big win runs ahead with this bunch.

Last the Jaguars have some decent talent and it’s a shame Foles got hurt so fast. I think the off the field tensions with Players and Management will set in soon and be the biggest reason this team doesn’t make a run going forward. Losing and losing last year was terrible for team chemistry and confidence. Starting 0-2 and losing your stud new QB (Foles) in the first damn game is not the recipe for success you needed after the horrible year last year. I like nothing about this Jaguars team now ahead. Nothing.

If your a fan of an 0-2 team, look at the bright side, all your teams gear will soon be at a big discount. I am more a glass is half full guy …. but damn that NFL Draft is just way too far away still to get my fire somewhat lit as a Redskins fan.

Like we have heard many times before “there is always next year fans”.


Well for many readers here you have heard me rip Kirk Cousins 1000x. Being the Redskins QB for 4 too many years, I saw first hand (and 2nd and 3rd and 4th hand as I rewatch all games a second time and Redskins games usually 4x). Cousins is the biggest “deer in the headlights” QB I’ve ever seen. Does he have talent? Yes he does. But nobody ever says he’s simply average. He’s always in the Tier 2 Group of QB after the Brady/Rodgers/Brees grouping.

This guy is pure trash for one reason. His head is too scrambled due to fact he tries too hard to impress and simply can’t relax. It’s funny I went two years saying this before finally Troy Aikman and Steve Young finally said this guy is just too amped up and can’t relax to be a winning QB. They used all the excuses it was Redskins fault he lost there. No talent around him. Bad OL. Now he’s in Minnesota and last year it was again not his fault, it was a bad OL and stud RB Cook was hurt. It’s never been maybe he’s the reason the team loses. Trust me folks, HE IS THE REASON HIS TEAM LOSES.

Kirk “NEVER WON A BIG GAME” Cousins simply can’t handle pressure. The sad part is even the Vikings know it. He passed 10x in week 1. They said don’t let this bum lose this game for us. Then in week 2 vs. the Packers they fell behind early. They said open the playbook and let Cousins fly. Well he once again proved he simply can’t win the Big games. He fumbled once, and threw 2 interceptions vs. the Packers. The last one was who Cousin is, was, and always will be. It looked exactly the same as when he was the Redskins QB. Pile up yards until the Red Zone, then implode. He used to always pile up yards when Skins were losing bad and people would say to me or on TV how he wasn’t the reason for the Skins losses.  HAHA   He has never won a big game. Never. His last 4 road games vs. good solid teams he’s (0-4). He hasn’t passed over 253 in his last 5 starts now. He has maybe the best WR’s in the NFL and now a healthy RB Cook, who is going off like MVP of the league first two weeks, and he’s only completing 43% of his passes. This guy has fooled so many out there but he’s never fooled me. He’s stolen more money from the Redskins and the Vikings then Bernie Madoff stole. He keeps telling us he will get better after every horrible loss he’s thrown brutal Interceptions to cost the team from winning. But he NEVER EVER EVER EVER does. He’s the same guy I thought he was since 4 years ago. He flat out STINKS and is closing in on most Overrated QB of all time (with money he’s been paid). I know one thing, Vikings Coaches and Management are starting to shit their pants after this loss again yesterday where he Imploded due to the pressure. His mind just can’t handle the big time pressure cooker of the NFL. But hey one thing is for sure, he’s one rich mother f’er. And in a few years he will tell his kids how he conned the Redskins and Vikings to paying him hundreds of millions dollars, for simply being average at best at QB spot. I wonder if some older Vikings fans ever get to witness Cousins finally winning that first ever Big game….at this point I am thinking not. Kirk Cousins = POS who needs to change his last name to Madoff.

Gary Greene