Well when you gamble (in my case BET SPORTS) for a living, you always day dream that this next week is going to be a “Perfect” week winning every single bet. Now this can be done often if you pick (Bet) only a handful of games, but if you pick closer to the 10 amount, well folks it’s for most part always going to stay a “day dream”.  Around 20 years ago we were able to pitch a Perfect Week and it’s still the best feeling I could ever have. Having people pay me for my advice and then having them cash in on all of them is simply a “DREAM COME TRUE”. Now since then we’ve had some perfect weeks when we had a week of only 3-5 picks. As great as that is, it’s not a real Perfect week with 10 picks or more. This past week was our closest week to Perfection and the final outcome of our (9-1) overall weekend (6-1 in CFB and 3-0 in NFL) feels I am sure like a Pitcher that lost a Perfect game to a broken bat infield weak hit single. Although it wasn’t us losing our final pick of the weekend, it actually came with the 4th pick of the weekend that cost us the Very Rare Perfect week of picks (bets).  It’s a loss though that I won’t likely forget for more than the reason of the pick losing. We had Texas (+3) vs. Oklahoma and as most of you know the final outcome was Texas losing by 8 in multiple Overtimes, our one and only loss this past week in both CFB/NFL combined. Last week we mentioned how “Lady Luck” found us a few times after having her rear her ugly head against us multiple times the prior week. When you pick (bet) 10 games in a given week, Lady Luck will almost always play a factor in at least one game. The reason this loss hurts a little more is the fact we’ve selected the “OVER” in the Red River Rivalry many times over the years. And even with Texas playing horribly most of the game, we were still happy to be “live down 14, ” as the OVER looked dead in water for most of the final 3 quarters. Losing the game in OT sucks when we were on the (+3) side, but it’s worse to watch thanks to Overtimes the game ended up going “OVER”. The one loss that gave a nice extra kick to my nuts. The good news is we had a giant week of new sign ups so that gave nearly 3 dozen new clients bringing in a huge Cash windfall in their first experience with me. I can tell you this 3 weekends ago, I had a huge haul of new sign ups and none of them I am quite sure were thrilled to endure a losing weekend. This is a very hard gig and one week never makes you and one week never should break you. It’s a long GRIND and hopefully our current fantastic run (17-3) the past two weeks will continue ahead for at least another week coming up. I started doing some videos for a very huge News site and we were able to hit our “NFL PICK OF WEEK” again to stay perfect on season (5-0), so now the fun task is make it (6-0) and see how long we can stay perfect before losing one.

I have to add a funny story (ok two stories) that I heard from a new client who happened to see one of the video’s and after a few easy winners he joined up with me on our weekly Special price of $99 bucks. He went (8-2) on his first buy with me and then signed again for the $99 one week Special and went (9-1).  He was one of a few dozen who were extremely lucky with their timing and so I had offered a Special price for the rest of the season picks to all of them. This one guy replied back to my offer saying (in these EXACT WORDS): “WHY THE FUCK WOULD I PAY FOR THIS REST OF SEASON DEAL OFFER WHEN I CAN KEEP JUST BUYING THE WEEK BY WEEK FOR ONLY $99 BUCKS”?   Now although I wasn’t all that appreciative of him needing to curse at me, surely not after he just went (17-3) with my overall picks he’d purchased, but I soooooo had to applaud the guy for being a smart guy/buyer. I had tons of guys basically say this same thing to me 20+ years ago after their first week of picks went great and they all were more than happy to just continue buying on a week by week basis.  Now my second story is one I have heard I’d bet 500x over my career of selling my picks, but this one is a story that just totally took the exciting high of a (9-1) week and felt like a kick straight into my nuts. This particular client (who has been nothing but kind) was on a season deal from the prior big (8-2) week and like many of the guys who now get all the picks thru daily texts from me, we have some texting banter back and forth besides only the actual picks texts. After the late afternoon NFL Week 5 games and prior to the Sun Night NFL game between Seattle/Vikings, he texted to ask if I was going to be picking a side or total on the late tv game of week. I said due to the bad weather report on that night game I’d be passing. He said “OK” but I could sense he seemed possibly disappointed. I said “it’s a long grind” and it’s ok to take the (9-1) week profits and save them for another week. He answered “but I bet my fav team the Niners too on my own for a large portion of the profits I had made him”! He really felt strongly his boys (the Niners) were going to crush the Dolphins. As has happened many, many, many times of my career, even on the best of weeks, many clients will find a way to still lose, or give back much of the profits. Many use other Cappers who hype the games they sell, getting them to “over bet” their normal bet size. Many, and even a good half dozen of my current very large betting clients who pay only on a Commission basis, willing to ride it all on the Sunday Night or Monday Night game. One thing I can’t ever teach is “LIVE FOR ANOTHER DAY AND SAVE THE PROFITS FOR THAT DAY BEING A BAD ONE” when the client is crazzzzzy RICH.  So last weekend brought me some “blasts from the past” in more ways than one. Although we missed our Perfect 10 week, we will never stop Dreaming of another Perfect some week again soon.

PS- We had no “Best Bets” last week…all were 1 UNIT only.

2020 GARY GREENE’S “GAMEDAY PICKS” CLUB UPDATED RECORD (Thru Tuesday Night Oct 13, 2020):

OVERALL RECORD:  (33-14-1)  = (70%)

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: (17-8-1) = (68%)

NFL: (16-6) = (72%)

BEST BETS: (3-1) ——   (2 UNIT BEST BETS:  2-0)   ~  (1 1/2 UNIT BEST BETS: 1-1)

We surely won’t keep up at these winning %’s the rest of the season…but it’s always nice to have some cushion of the bankroll to play with and even moreso to bounce back after a few bad back to back weeks in College Football. Covid-19 will keep us from ever feeling in any strong “WINNING GROOVE” but we do fully expect to win going forward and we just hope Lady Luck stays on a nice even keel overall.  We passed on MLB Playoffs last week as we simply got overwhelmed with calls and emails and we even never got caught up last week to post a Gary’s Take on the prior weekend but I will try my best this week to get one posted with my thoughts, and a few big time RANTS that have me just livid with how in the world so many Head Coaches and Staffs and even the Announcers and Refs keep making terrible blunders that are all costly to one side of every bet on the board.

God Bless,

Gary Greene  (1-800-587-2583)