Well folks last week Lady Luck reared her ugliest possible head on our picks and although it wasn’t a disaster, the fact we easily had a legit shot to almost sweep the entire card of picks we made did make for a very tough few days as we just were wanting to get the new week’s games played out and hopefully get those losses back for all my clients. As it is and ALWAYS WILL in the betting on sports world … Lady Luck happens in around 1/4 of the games and you can either look like a genius at times when she swings your way, or make you look like you are a complete buffoon with your bets.

This week was a complete opposite of last week’s “tough luck” and although we did need her luck or just simple good fortune as the final minutes determined a win or loss on some of our picks. We are very happy everything close swung our way en route to a fantastic (8-2) overall weekend. We went (4-1) on Saturday and (4-1) on Sunday too and also won our first CFB 2 Unit Best Bet and our first NFL 2 Unit Best Bet, both as easily as we could’ve even ever imagined. So a nice bounce back week with the “Gameday Picks” and a fast pickup of the losses incurred last week and a very good profit too now for the past 2 weeks. For those who stayed with us on the weekly $99 bucks buy picks we are happy to get you turned around so nicely. For the many Commission clients it was no real rush to win back last week’s losses as they are all in it for the long haul. But I do know “IT’S WIN NOW BABY” only for a new client and for 3 dozen last week losing your first week, it’s a heart breaker from my end, even returning the $99 back on Tuesday. I’ve also gotten 3 messages of nice donations to my Charities on way for the nice weekend we just had so that really makes me super happy the winning week cashed more than for me and the clients only.


In College Football we loved all 5 of our picks and nothing shocked me good or bad in the 5 picks. First our 2 Unit “Best Bet” of Oklahoma State (-23) went wire to wire in easy Blowout fashion as we had hoped. Early on we of course had another “could go either way” game/pick as West Virginia (+3) did everything it could to blow the game. But Lady Luck sided our way in Overtime and they won straight up. Next was SMU (+1 1/2) and another game that easily could’ve gotten away from us. A huge blown lead and terrible 2 quarters of play, but a nice last second FG to win by 3. Now pick 4 was a little bit of Lady Luck if you only look at the ending. But in reality if you look at the whole game it was less “all luck”. We had the Total: TEXAS/TCU – “OVER 63 1/2” (We released early and did get bad number) and if you didn’t watch or read about the ending, it took a Miracle “SAFETY” by TCU on the last play running final 7 seconds off clock into back of endzone to get just enough to go over by half point. I’ve lost this same way many times over the years as it’s a part of sports betting and the TCU Head Coach did the right thing. Luckily for us he did. Our only loss was with North Carolina. We snuck in with them a few weeks ago over Syracuse in a game they played poorly. Well they played poorly again (which I am stunned by) and very possibly should’ve lost the game outright. We never had a chance and a simply bad handicap on my end there. But (4-1) with a 2 Unit Best Bet winner and we felt very happy and relieved to bounce back off last week’s (1-3-1).

We headed to NFL week 3 with 8 games circled to possibly pick/bet but we hated the lines on 3 of them. So we went with 5 and like CFB this past week, 4 were good and the loser was simply a terrible pick that was never ever going to win. Let’s start with our 2 Unit “Best Bet” of Cleveland Browns (+4) over Dallas. A fast start was very nice, and to lose stud RB Nick Chubb so early, it was a game we never really were in jeopardy of losing as the Browns just ran all over (and thru) Dallas horrific Defense all 4 quarters. Great start to Sunday when you getting points and up huge early and never really have to worry about any bad play that might happen and you are in action in 5 games all in early starts.

Next we had the Bengals (-1) over the Jags, a team I downgraded to one of 4 worst teams in NFL after Week 3. The line value was great and the Bengals played really well. Fully right side winner here. Next we did something we almost Never do, play a side and total of same game. Well we did with the Browns/Cowboys game. We’ve gone to well in Dallas “OVERS” week after week and we did it here again. The math was basically we needed 28 from each side to secure a cover. Once again my thoughts were the winning team may need 40 or more. The 49-38 final was a very nice secured winner of one of our 5 picks super early in the early card of games. When you bet “OVERS” you can win by halftime, when you bet “UNDERS” you have to play out entire games. With the Browns the ones up 38-14 within 4 mins of the third quarter, the very worst would’ve been a split and that would’ve only happened if 5 points couldn’t be score in the games final 25 minutes. Maybe my best picks in years on this Browns and Over.

Next we have our kinda “LADY LUCK” winner as we took Vikings/Texans – “OVER 53” AND THE FINAL SCORE 31-23 comes to 54. We snuck it in. But really a fully blown set of terrible plays calls by now fired Texans HC O’Brien kept the Texans from not scoring on first and goal at the one in final minute of play. Last week we lose same way by a point. Both teams either at 400+ yards or just shy of it….and we partly were going “AGAINST” a Texans Defense that is so over rated due to JJ Watt suiting up once again forcing zero turnovers (the Joke Texans Defense now has 0 forced Turnovers on the season and some of their D players should be fired too).

Our last pick/bet on Arizona (-3) was my only wait to see pick….and once I saw D. Hopkins would play it was an immediate “GAMEDAY PICK”. Well the Cardinals got completely outplayed and once again HC Kingsbury proved he’s a terrible play caller. I gotta give huge props to Carolina and especially QB Teddy Bridgewater as this team HAS FOUND THEIR QB.  He showed right now he’s head and shoulders better then young QB Kyler Murray. I will say though the play calling of Kingbury isn’t helping Murray as it’s an entire game of dink and dunk passes and nothing deep…almost never. It’s almost insane unless for whatever reason Kingsbury is scared shit to have Murray pass it deep. Every play is Hopkins 3 yard curl near sideline…as my man Vince Lombardi once said “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON OUT THERE”. It’s clear Kingsbury still thinks he’s in BIG 12 and the dinks and dunks will somehow win games. Terrible pick by me and I won’t be on this Over rated in every way Cards team.

In the end we rebound nicely and are now a solid (24-13-1) overall (CFB: 11-7 / NFL: 13-6) and (3-1) in Best Bets (2-0 with 2 UNIT BEST BETS and 1-1 with 1 1/2 UNIT BEST BETS) on the 2020 combined CFB and NFL Season. I will add 8 years ago I’d never imagined we’d destroy NFL year after year now and not dominate CFB as we had in out first 20+ years. We have been dialed in the NFL for the past 8 years or so and now need to do so in CFB too, where so many outcomes are just “Lady Luck” finishes.. When you add overall the QB play in CFB is maybe worst I’ve seen in 20 years or so and it’s not going to be easy to handicap CFB with the feeling we once had for years that we’d win every pick. (We didn’t but we went into each pick thinking we had super chance to cash that pick in). Maybe the Big 10 and Pac-12 returning will help with the more added games in Conferences we play weekly…we don’t really play much of the lower tier CFB Conferences so we have been looking at basically ten games to choose from. Although we are in action for both the Thursday CFB and NFL games already, the Sat. Oct 10th card not looking like a 5 game overall selection type one. Of course there are still two days to go but right now it’s not looking elite type to choose from.

Added sports: Well our MLB Playoffs perfect (7-0) run ended but a decent (3-2) showing brings us to (10-2) so far in 2020 Playoffs. We shit the bed in the WNBA Playoffs going (0-3) and the NBA Finals went (1-2) to take some of the profits away overall. Thank God both NBA and WNBA should be over tonight. (LOL)

Hope you all had a Winning week last week and for those on board with me last week…here’s hoping for another big week as we keep increasing the bankroll in fine fashion again this upcoming week.

God Bless,

Gary Greene