Let’s start off with the NFL having what I feel (felt Sunday) was another really Bad day. They called 96 Penalties, most since 2013. This is a terrible new rule thought process and any team with a Poor Off Line is in a world of hurt this year if they don’t light up.

The next thing that has been hard to watch is the injuries that are just piling up. Especially Off Lineman. Listen folks many teams have 3-4 good OL talent and throw in 5th as they are forced to. My main first rule of Handicapping is OL vs. DL matchups. If you can’t block well, your poor QB is going to get killed eventually. And nothing worse then the most important player on just about every NFL team, the QB, getting hurt badly. It may be a bad sign for this year that we may see more of this and it won’t be pretty for certain teams.

Let’s look at Houston Texans who once again have tried their very best to get young QB Watson KILLED. He was sacked 4x again….making him sacked at least 4x in 8 straight games. Just a matter of time now as Texans OL to me simply putrid. Making things worse for the very fortunate to win Texans is the Head Coach (O’ Brien) is still the same moron in way over his head. For the millionth time he misused time outs and it almost bit him in the ass vs. Jax.  He will lose more games ahead by his Coaching then he wins with it. I am seeing a huge void in DL with no Clowney and it’s clearly affected JJ Watt. That trade will soon be this teams demise as Watt is not the same stud without him.

One of my picks was the Ravens and Cards game. I had the Over. Another slow start, coupled with terrible Off Play calling inside Red Zone (really inside 10) by Card HC/OC Kingsbury really cost his team a winnable game. Kingsbury clearly is too fond of superstar WR Larry Fitzgerald near the goal line and young QB Murray not yet poised enough to call out of the plays his HC calls in close. Throwing fade after fade to Fitzgerald may work here and there but smart Defenses already know what the call likely is. Cards still in growing pains, but I’ve seen a lot of good stuff from Murray and he will get better in time. I am very worried though about the Cards Defense, now without two stud CB’s. Strangely they have played a ton better then I thought, but they still give up a ton of big plays as right now they are simply out manned back there. They will likely need to win a shootout these next 4 games until CB Peterson returns to give them a huge boost back there. For the Ravens, I loved that QB Jackson is throwing deep. Wow does this now cause nightmares for Def Co.’s and once they overplayed pass Sunday…he started just rolling opposite way and just ran as hard as he could…..this is mirror Mike Vick stuff….and these runs are big gainers and at times ahead will be long TD’s….Jackson was sacked 3x, but I loved his maturity already…as he took them and just covered up the ball. Live for another day. The Ravens Offense is the top rushing team and #1 in Time of Possession and number 4 in pass yards and 3rd down conversions.

Ok here’s the skinny on the Vikings. I despise this team since Kirk “Never ever won a big game” is the QB there. And as that infamous line “they were who we thought they were” still plays out whenever I watch Kirk Cousins play. Deer in headlights in every big game and when games on line….it’s PICK CITY in most of them. This guy is so bad even the Vikings HC Zimmer and the top Brass can see it. They are trying their best for him to “not lose the game”. For him to be this bad still in year 2, with RB Cook playing lights out….is not good and to me this Vikings team may be in big trouble. I will say though coming into this season I had a check list what to look closely for in weeks 1 and 2. One was Cook and his burst…would he look great again. Wow he looks better then great. He’s fully back. Expect to see his workload increase as Cousins doesn’t look good and stud WR Diggs doesn’t either. The Vikings Defense started as bad as ever possible allowing 3 TD drives on Packers first 3 drives, but then held them scoreless. I really like the Vikings Defense…and they need to be as good as possible, because Cousins is a stat fraud. For years he’s piled up big stats when way behind. He better light this Raiders D up this week or heads will soon roll in Purple City.

I have embedded in my mind forever Peyton Manning screaming “KICKER”, why are we even talking about the friggin’ Kicker?  I laughed when he said it but oh man was he so wrong as Kickers are now an insanely important part of these games. You check your bet win/loss record come seasons end and I bet you now the Kicker had a hand in half of them (good or bad). Chargers found that out Sunday as the Kicker was out, forcing the Punter (Long) to try Field Goals. Well he missed twice, from 39 and 41, both distances that have to be made from. Bolts lost by 3. I love QB Rivers and I guess we can blame him less for forcing a pass late when they were at 45 yard range for a tying FG….as from what we already saw…that FG was getting missed too. Lions to me continue to be one of worst coached teams in the NFL, but they dodged a huge bullet to get a nice win over a quality opponent.

The NY Giants and my Washington Redskins have now started week 1 and 2 with nice early drives for TD’s. Sadly it’s been downhill after them. The Giants have been killed by Injuries to key stars at WR spot. But the Defense to me looks like a bottom 5 all year. Manning time to be benched is right move but what a burden they are asking young Jones now with this Defense so bad he will be forced to make no mistakes and that’s a shame. I am not a Giants fan but I will be rooting for Jones to succeed. If he can air it out with his arm some, that will make the D stop loading box on Stud RB Barkley. The Redskins simply can’t get a good pass rush, a dept that was supposed to be a strength. Losing stud LT Trent Williams has been so costly, as the replacements are horrible. Williams hasn’t allowed over 3 sacks in any given season….his replacements gave up 3 in just Sunday’s game. The Skins can NOT run the ball, at all. None. Zero. Hard to win games when opposing D’s know that. Long, long season ahead for Skins and G-men.

Who is the best QB in NY? Easy. Bills QB Allen. Just love how much better and more poised this kid is. I really like Bills Defense too. This team is a “sleeper” and could be sneaky good all year. Allen now 7 straight 200 yard passing games and love how this kid will run for a key first down when necessary. Another reason screaming out to me on tape of Josh Allen, he’s beating the blitz…he didn’t much last year…but he is now….Future is bright for Bills fans.

Last week Saints lost Brees and that instantly made many fans say, game over. But you know what, it was maybe over even if Brees didnt get hurt. The Rams to me are even better and more loaded than last year. And by a wide margin. Their OL and DL dominated the Saints all day. It was mismatch city. And a healthy WR Cooper Kupp is going to just make the Rams Offense really hard to stop for 4 quarters. This kid is a superstar in the making. You only hear about Brees getting hurt, but to me there was another gigantic injury too. Massive LG Peat went down too and his loss is bigtime with a much slower Teddy Bridgewater now taking the reins over at QB. I will add a third huge Saints injury, to LB AJ Klein, who to me is one of the most underrated players in this league. He flies around all over the field. Every week I watch tape I say, wow, there was Klein again.

Next up let’s take a look at the Eagles. The loss was heartbreaking and tough to swallow for Eggle’ fans…but they lost some stud WR’s too. One was WR DeSean Jackson. Week 1 when healthy he catches two bombs for TD’s. Problem is he can’t stay healthy. He must eat cereal 3 meals a day with no milk and candy 10x a day. He’s too fragile to be a key piece. Then A. Jeffrey goes down and you now have two youngsters in there. I know Wentz is a talent at QB, but I just have a bad feeling about him avoiding injury an entire season. Like in ever. The Eagles secondary is plain bad. They need to go grab Jags Ramsey. This team is built to win now.

The Broncos to me biggest disappointment of them all. The OL will soon get Flacco killed. He is forced to throw all this passes fast/short to avoid sacks. The Offense to me gets F-. But you know what folks, the Defense does too. Stud Def players Chubb and Miller simply have no showed week 1 and 2. Add in that they have played without two starters in ILB Davis and CB Callahan, and this Defense (only team without a Sack yet) can regroup to elite status, but they need a better effort all around. The Broncos OL right now is bottom 5. Geez John Elway couldn’t single handed wins with how bad this OL is. Flacco has gone “Play Action” only 10x in two games combined…and garnered only 34 yards. I worry that opposing Defense’s fully grasp this and now Flacco is going to be forced to be a Magician.

One note on the Colts to watch was injury to CB Desir. This kid can play and hard to lose upper teir talent at the very important corner back spot. One thing about this Colts team, they are going to be fine without Luck, but like the Chargers, they will play in a ton of close games. Make sure you have your pacemaker batteries working if you bet on them. Oh and this one is a head scratcher: Colts QB Brissett didn’t throw a pass in quarters 2 and 3. Say what?

Hey Chiefs Patrick Mahomes is a real human being after all. He was held scoreless for the first time ever in the first quarter. Over rated and a bum….haha…this kid is as good as it gets. His deep ball is just beautiful. He did lose LT Fisher though, which could always become a factor as most backups are plain awful. I have to say though the Chiefs Defense is pretty bad. This team will end up in a ton of high scoring games and they will be very tested this Sunday vs. the #1 Offense, the Ravens (yes number 1, even over Mahomes and Company #3). The Ravens have 447 rushing yards in two games. You want to put that in proper perspective? The Redskins, Bengals and Dolphins have under 75 yards total.

Last let’s look at the Bears Offense. They have 19 points so far. Nothing at all they have tried so far has worked. They clearly are deadly afraid to allow QB Trubisky to pass the ball over 8 yards. WTF has happened since last year? You can not win playing scared. I feel like HC Matt Nagy has been horrific so far with his play calling. He needs to open the entire playbook and let the chips fall where they fall. You can clearly see Trubisky is playing scared shit less this year. A loss to the Redskins though on MNF could turn this once promising season as ugly as possible.


Who the hell made the Raiders schedule? This is the worst made schedule of all time. No more actual Home games til November? Three road games with London game (they are the Home team) but I never heard of a Home game being played 10 million miles away in 3 times zones difference. This is really going to be a tough stretch for the Raiders, who I just don’t feel are that good. I do love young RB Jacobs though. Carr is just too erratic and the OL not too good there as well. So far me grading tape on OL play has been making for summer school if this was real classes.

The NY Jets have now lost 7 straight home games. Ouch.

The Colts Kicker Vinateri has now missed 7 kicks his past 3 games combined. Has Father Time finally knocked at his door?

Pitt Steelers HC Mike Tomlin has never had a losing season. Oh boy, this streak in huge jeopardy.

Gary’s biggest Tape watching takeaway?  Niners OL and DL have both been dominating so far this year. They grab a trade for CB Ramsey from Jags and watch out.

If you are a Panthers fan looking for some good news? The Defense has faced only 26 drives so far. That is second only to Green Bay so that should be a small benefit until Cam Newton returns. One thing about backup QB Allen is he played well last year in relief. This kid can fly as a runner and he has the tools to be good. Remember this nugget….Allen is the guy at A+M that Kyler Murray couldn’t beat out….yes Heisman winner K Murray.


LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE: In a season where points scored is already down from last year, let’s get us a fun one. Baltimore and it’s Number 1 Offense vs. KC’s #3 Offense. Over 2000 combined total yard in just two weeks. TWO FRIGGIN’ WEEKS folks. I think the Chiefs won’t call as many bad plays as Arizona did, so the Ravens will need to be much cleaner themselves on every possession. Lot’s people always tell me you have to bet against the good teams and hold your nose and bet the bad teams in the NFL. This logic is terrible. Always was, and always will be. Always remember folks, good teams can still win and cover on their worst days, but bad teams can find ways to lose, even on their very best days. Pats and Chiefs now (4-0) Against the Spread…now who with a sane mind ever saw that happening before these first two weeks.



I hate to see one Offensive Lineman go down. The Bengals could play Sunday with it’s right side of it’s OL “Out”.  Eeeeeek.

Chargers too losing key starters at too fast a pace. I loved this Chargers team before season and before Gordon hold out. Now I just don’t know about them being elite this season.

Colts super stud young LB Leonard got concussion in week 1. Will be huge loss if he can’t go for Colts Defense.

Eagles also lost promising young TE Goedert and RB Clement….lots talent lost to overcome.



KC CHIEFS –  have scored 25 points in 22 straight games.

BALTY RAVENS QB L. Jackson – one reg season loss as starting QB was last year to KC 27-24.

Mahomes and Jackson — combined 7 TD’s and No Interceptions.

ARIZONA CARDINALS:  NO TD’S yet in Quarters 1, 2 and 3. WTF? I blame HC Kingsbury for some really terrible play calls in these first 2 weeks. So far he’s struggled and needs to adjust ASAP.



Jags Minschew and Jets Falk have impressed me so far. Both passing and with solid reads and making right throw choices. I expect both to be OK as they both are gunslingers and I feel both get better with next start. Can’t wait to see how Giants Daniel Jones does in his first try. At some point, and maybe soon, the Redskins will simply let Haskins start. Interesting to see who may need a good QB and if one does, Redskins dealing QB Keenum will be a win- win. Keenum has played well, albeit two losses. But once you are dead for the year, it’s always best for teams to get the young kids lots of playing time. Ditto for Dolphins. Just play Rosen asap you morons….see what he’s got.


Ok folks, have a great weekend ahead…and may all your wagers be winning ones.

God Bless,

Gary Greene