(**Week of Thursday Feb. 17 thru Wednesday Feb 23rd, 2022)

Hello Gary Greene/ fans,

Well we are finally in our normal red hot streak in month of January or February. It’s taken us longer than normal and to be honest I give the oddsmakers credit as they have inflated the lines on my long time very profitable system and forced me to lay off more games than I can remember due to just terrible value. But the past 2 weeks we have kicked into high gear during my favorite two months to bet all year. Sprinkle in some luck with a handful of close game winners vs. only a smaller amount of hard luck late losers and we are now steamrolling in this 2021/2022 College Hoops season. Ten more days of regular season Conference play (many it’s this weekend) and then onto my favorite two weeks to bet all year, Conference Tourneys. I feel sure we will easily get to our yearly goal of (+60) Units but I’d love to stay red hot these last 5+ weeks and go for another rare (+100) Unit HOOPS SEASON. 

Last week (Thursday Feb. 17  – Wed Feb 23rd) we upped the plays overall from a much lower amount and it paid off nicely with a (17-6-1) week overall. We hit our only two (2 UNIT-“BEST BETS”) too for a fantastic (+12.40) Units of profit for those 7 days. 

We won both 2 Unit-“Best Bets” very easily as we hit a rare Total/Best Bet play on the “OVER 154 1/2” on Saturday Feb. 19th hitting 171 points in the Kentucky/Alabama game. The pace was exactly what we expected and with 93 points at the Half we cruised to a Best Bet winner. Then on Thursday Feb. 22 we got one of those games I simply love. Texas Tech hosted Oklahoma in a revenge spot after losing shockingly by 15 points to the Sooners not even two full weeks prior to this games tipoff. Add in this Oklahoma team to me the most disappointing team in the nation and off 3 straight losses and worse a 24 point loss to Iowa State where you could see the kids really dejected and playing with no motivation at all and this was recipe for a easy blowout Revenge spot for a really strong Texas Tech team. Well folks Texas Tech dominated the entire game and in second half they just steamrolled this dejected and no emotion Sooners team. They got the lead to 16 points by 15 minute mark, then to 21 by 10 min mark and then to 30 at 5 min mark. In end a very fun and easy 2 Unit-Best Bet winner by 24 points. I will say this Sooners team adding the Grove brothers looked like a team that could do some damage in Big Dance. They have been really bad and this team will be going to NIT.

Ok folks well we ended the prior week with a (3-1) run and on Thursday Feb. 17 we swept the board with (3-0). On Friday Feb 18th we passed. On Saturday Feb. 19 we hit our only “2 Unit-Best Bet” with the Kty/Bama-OVER, but we had a few tough losers ending with just a (4-3) overall day. After a very slow Saturday card this year, the past 3 weeks we have picked it up though which was nice as we always get a higher buy for the one day card since most folks know it’s a card of more picks but also lots guys/gals that work a lot during week bet on Saturday’s. So (5-2), (5-2) and (4-3) past 3 Saturday’s is a pretty nice profit for that one given day. On Sunday we hit both our plays (2-0) winning both easily. On Monday we again swept all 3 our plays (3-0) giving us a superb (15-4) run in just a 7 day period. On Tuesday we went (3-1) winning the blowout 2 Unit-Best Bet on Texas Tech. On Thursday we did go just (2-2-1) ending a nice streak of no losing days for a 9 day period. This is though the type of great run we have always had during this time of the CBB season. Hence why I have always called it the best 2 months to bet any sport, all year long.

We are now a fantastic (10-3) on “Best Bets” this season and although this has been one of our very low total amount of Best Bets at this point in a season, I feel good we will have a higher amount the rest of the way. These next 2 plus weeks we should find a bunch of gems as we have a list now of over 15 dead teams to go along with the teams we feel will skyrocket these last few weeks. Many of these games for a good 2 dozen teams will all be Playoff type games so we know we will get “Live” games and that is always good. The better news is some of these teams like Oklahoma (who I call High 50’s-Low 60’s) though may be in the Joe Lunardi  Bracket mix, but when you struggle to score, run terrible Offensive sets and you get very little from your best player (along with a team that just isn’t looking motivated at all) and you can likely grab some nice Value Plays (picks) to profit nicely on.

I was away for my Dad’s 1 Year Anny since he passed so I am still sifting through a ton of just amazing donations from my normal “Pay Only if you Win Club” (mostly larger bettors) and this past two years even many of the new clients off radio show guest spots and some places I give articles to. I love to win anyway, but getting money for Charities who really need it just due to some Picks winning is just the best feeling ever. Great Karma always comes back to those who help those less fortunate and this past season it’s really at it’s best. 

Thanks to all who donated and I hope you all had a nice Winning week last week and may all your upcoming wagers be “WINNING ONES” and stay Safe and please never bet what you can’t afford to lose.

God Bless,

Gary Greene



(**Thru FEB. 23rd, 2022 games played in both CFB (TITLE GAME) and

NFL (*thru NFL SUPER BOWL) and all COLLEGE HOOPS (Reg. season so far).



OVERALL COMBINED RECORD: (126 – 85 – 3) ~ (59.7%)


TOTAL UNITS WON/LOST:  (+39.93 UNITS Combined Won)

OVERALL “BEST BETS”: (26– 17) = (60.4%)


COLLEGE FOOTBALL: (*Final tally for 2021-22 CFB season)

OVERALL: (64 – 51 – 3) ~ (55.6%)

BEST BETS: (14 – 11)


NFL: (*Final tally for 2021-22 NFL Season)

OVERALL: (62 – 34) ~ (64.5%)

BEST BETS: (12 – 6)



(*Thru Wed. Feb. 23rd, 2022)


OVERALL: (128 – 76 – 1) ~ (62.7%)

BEST BETS (10 – 3)