Well one very small card of College Football and then last week a huge slate of games brings us to a (5-2) start overall as we hit both picks in Week 0 easily as UCLA and Fresno State both were easy blowouts. Our third pick on Thursday night of NC State was a third straight easy Blowout….sure was a fun start to the new 2021-22 Football Season. On Saturday we got our first game in Iowa, a 4th straight wire to wire Blowout winner. Then Wisconsin ended the nice run with a terrible Offensive showing. The first half the Badgers Defense held Penn State to one first down. But in second half the Lions hit a few big plays and in end 3 miscues by Wisky inside 10 yard line getting only 3 total points and that first loss hit our pockets. Later on Saturday, UCLA won again for us, playing really solid overall to beat LSU as a small dog. Our next pick, a solid TD underdog, Oregon State, allowed a 60 yard TD pass on basically the last play of the game, trailing by 2, on a 4th and short by Purdue, where a First Down would’ve ended with Purdue winning by only 2. Instead the dopey Purdue guy runs it all way in, leaving the chance for a comeback for Oregon State (albeit very minimal). Our first soul crushing loss and one we had right side. Our last pick of Clemson, well like Wisky, no showed on Offense. The Defense allows a mere FG and we can’t win. Neither side there was right side.

We end these first two weeks of College Football at (5-2) and hope to get a little cushion with both College and NFL in play this weekend. We have totally destroyed NFL now for the past decade, so we are thrilled to get this new NFL season underway.

I am sorry for this late “Gameday Picks” results article. I got overwhelmed the past week with calls as I started doing guest spots on 8 radio shows and I wasn’t prepared really being the only one to call everyone who called in back. Losing my Dad also was a hard hit as he was able to handle lots of my Season Paid clients not on a “PAY AFTER YOU WIN COMMISSION BASIS”. I have my buddy in for the rest of way to help me out and may get another phone number as well to handle Radio Call ins. If I did miss your call this past week, just leave me a phone message or e-mail me anytime: GARYGREENEWINS@GMAIL.COM   – (Leave your name and number and short message and I will get back to you as soon as I can).

Last I want to say we are offering this entire weekend of “Gameday Club Picks” for $99 bucks again. This is my last week for the “EARLYBIRD SPECIAL” for the Season Package and starting next week the price will go back to full pricing.

We hope you all had a nice summer and wish you all a Huge Winning Season ahead. Please never bet though what you can’t afford to lose. I will be adding a hour long Podcast weekly again (usually Friday’s) and hoping to get one up this week. I got new computers and we had to reload all the stuff again into them and so far I haven’t fully remembered how the hell I did them last year. I will add lots of articles again too as I should be fully caught up by Monday and I will figure out a new schedule to handle all my daily routines and new schedules of guest shows.

Have a WINNING WEEKEND guys and gals and welcome back to the 2021-22 Football Season.

Gary Greene






OVERALL: (5-2)

BEST BETS: (0-0)


OVERALL: (0-0)

BEST BETS: (0-0)