GARY’S “GAMEDAY PICKS” RESULTS: C.B.B. (*Thru Wed. March 2nd, 2022)!

Hi Gary Greene/Bluebook Sports Fans and Followers,

Well it’s now homestretch time to this 2021-22 College Hoops season and so as they say “Let the Madness Begin”!!

To quickly update last week’s results (Thursday Feb. 24 – Wed. March 2nd) in College Hoops with the “Gameday Picks” we started week rolling where we left off prior week (or 2). We just missed a super rare “GOLDEN TICKET” on Saturday as we finished (7-1) overall just missed the perfect card when Virginia imploded late to lose (they not only lost the cover but somehow lost game too). We hit all 3 “Best Bets” in this same Saturday 8 game card of picks winning all 3 in rocking chair fashion. By far most fun and least stressful day of the season. My boyz, UCLA (-12 1/2) – (2 UNITS), rolled Oregon State 94-55 in possibly the easiest wire to wire win for me in years. We then hit with our “SLEEPER TEAM of year” Wake Forest (-9) – (2 1/2 UNITS) bombing hapless and dead Louisville 99-77.  We finished off the 3 game Best Bet day with St. Mary’s (+11) – (2 UNITS) beating #1 Gonzaga in wire to wire fashion, straight up by double digits (67-57).  I also released a small 1/2 Unit bet on St. Mary’s on Moneyline to those who wanted some extra action. I am not counting that in my record though as some may have decided not to do that extra play. (I would think though from my messages back after game every single client on board bet the Moneyline too…..adding some nice extra cash to the fantastic Saturday card.

To recap the week day by day:

On Thursday night Feb. 24th we went (2-1) and Friday we passed. The above shows the Saturday card of (7-1) with all 3 Best Bets winning. On Sunday Feb. 25th we kept big winning run going with another (2-1) day. After that though we hit a lull with our first losing night in awhile going just (1-2) on Monday Feb. 28th. On Tuesday March 1st we went (2-2) and then on Wed. March 2nd we again went just (2-2) …and that was a lucky (2-2) as Auburn (-3) was lucky to go Overtime to secure the winning ticket (pick). So we are off track a little from the red hot run (and to add since I am typing this article on Friday morning March 4th, (this isn’t included in yearly record recap – will be next Thursday), we went just (2-2-1) on Thursday March 3rd, getting a fortunate late “Push” with Cal Santa Barbara (-7).  So just (7-8-1) the past 4 days which is disappointing but full disclosure we made some bad picks in these past 4 days and also got some luck on the two games or it would have been actually worse. 

For those who read or follow me the past 33 years you already know my favorite time of year to bet any sport is CBB “Conference Tourney” time. I like the “Big Dance/NIT” Tourney’s too nothing compared to the Conf. Tourney’s. I do love this final Saturday card of regular season games in the Bigger Conferences and hope to have another big overall Saturday. Could be a 9 or 10 game card so chance to get ship back on track and add to the 2021-2022 CBB season (+54.35 Units). 

I am offering this weekend’s picks (Sat. March 5th and Sunday March 6th picks) for $99 BUCKS. It will include any/all “Best Bets” as well and all the money brought in will go to Charity. If interested please email me:                                       BLUEBOOKSPORTS@HOTMAIL.COM  –  Leave me your number and I will give you info how to send money and how to best get you the Picks for these two days. 

I hope you all have a great weekend ahead….stay Safe….enjoy Madness and may all your wagers be “WINNING” ones! Oh and never, ever bet what you can’t afford to lose. Don’t chase when down….lot’s of action for this next 4-5 weeks.

God Bless,

Gary Greene




(**Thru March 2nd, 2022 games played in both CFB (TITLE GAME) and

NFL (*thru NFL SUPER BOWL) and all COLLEGE HOOPS (Reg. season/plus now)!



OVERALL COMBINED RECORD: (126 – 85 – 3) ~ (59.7%)


TOTAL UNITS WON/LOST:  (+39.93 UNITS Combined Won)

OVERALL “BEST BETS”: (26– 17) = (60.4%)


COLLEGE FOOTBALL: (*Final tally for 2021-22 CFB season)

OVERALL: (64 – 51 – 3) ~ (55.6%)

BEST BETS: (14 – 11)


NFL: (*Final tally for 2021-22 NFL Season)

OVERALL: (62 – 34) ~ (64.5%)

BEST BETS: (12 – 6)



(*Thru Wed. March 2nd, 2022)


OVERALL: (144 – 86 – 1) ~ (62.6%)

BEST BETS (13 – 3)