GARY’S “GAMEDAY PICKS” RECAP”: WK 17 CFB/WK 16 NFL (*Thru Dec. 29, 2021)!

GARY’S “GAMEDAY PICKS” RECAP”: WK 17 CFB/WK 16 NFL (*Thru Dec. 29, 2021)!

Hi Gary/Bluebook Fans,

Well we had a rare week winning nicely in both CFB Week 17- only CFB Bowls) and the NFL (Week 16) going (4-1) in CFB and going (3-1) in the NFL. We had just one “Best Bet” in both and it was a “1 1/2 UNIT BEST BET” on the Tenny Titans, who won straight up as a small dog. We simply continue to win at alarming rates in the NFL, with our only loss a very rare one losing TOTAL play with AZ/Indy never really sniffing a win. Our only loss in CFB was North Texas, who also never sniffed a win. We always are thrilled to have big weeks, but having one on Christmas week is great timing when most are spending lots cash on gifts. 

We hope to have continued success this New Years weekend in the CFB Bowls (where we have always done great) but it’s not same “super confident” feeling with Covids and Opt outs now a cruel fate often to one of the two sides. So far we have somehow managed to avoid a landmine in the Bowls. Our first Bowl “Best Bet” was cancelled with Ucla/NC State being postponed. We will have a “2 UNIT BEST BET” on New Years Day. Hopefully that one isn’t cancelled as well. 

Last I want to thank my buddies who helped me Volunteering over Xmas getting tons of food and clothes donations to Shelters and other Needy people. Also we again brought in some large donations again from my client base, including a 25k donation to me myself for the big winning season. I donated that entire amount to the Kentucky Relief Fund as I can’t fathom losing a home and all it’s belongings. I will have some huge news soon once my new Charity name is finalized. 

I wanted to finish with a funny story from one of my newer clients who joined about 5 or 6 weeks ago. He said “you seem to be a lot of “OVERS” (Total bets)! “Is there a reason you like Overs more than Unders?”  I said “yes” I like to win them without always waiting til the final gun”. I was joking but he then said “hey just keep winning and I will be one happy client”. My other funny story is I have a second new client who joined this season for first time on a Season Package in Football. After the week is over he always writes me to ask “why did I choose (any game that lost)”? He never say’s great picks on any winners, just why did I select the losing ones? I try to be nice so I just say sorry “my bad” on any game that loses….I will try not to let it ever happen again. LMAO

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a Happy, Winning, Safe and Healthy New Years weekend ahead.

God Bless,

 Gary Greene




(**Thru DEC. 29th games played in both CFB (WEEK 17) and NFL (WEEK 16)



OVERALL COMBINED RECORD: (109 – 74 – 2) ~ (59.5%)


TOTAL UNITS WON/LOST:  (+34.87 UNITS Combined Won)

OVERALL “BEST BETS”: (23– 15) = (60.5%)



OVERALL: (56 – 48 – 2) ~ (53.8%)

BEST BETS: (13 – 10)



OVERALL: (53 – 26) ~ (67.0%)

BEST BETS: (10 – 5)




OVERALL: (26 – 15 – 1) ~ (63.4%)

BEST BETS (1 – 1)