GARY’S GAMEDAY PICKS RECAP: (WEEK 13 CFB/WEEK 12 NFL) – (*Updated Wed. Dec 3, 2020)


(*Updated Wed. Dec 3, 2020)


Hi Football Bettors and Web site visitors,

Well last week we dropped the ball badly for a very rare BAD day in College Football as we went just (2-4) and lost both “Best Bets” (*One was 2-Unit and one was 1 1/2 Unit). We had a decent bounce back week off last week’s Donut (0-3) overall NFL week (Week 11 – No Best Bets) with a winning (2-1) Week 12. Not the week we hoped as we had been rolling pretty good all season and this was a definite setback. We already have a “2 UNIT-BET BET” and a “1 1/2 UNIT-BEST BET” for Saturday in CFB and we feel both will be absolute Blowouts. We are still (7-2) on season with our “2 UNIT-BEST BETS” and a huge CFB week is what were are fully expecting. Our problem is if either these games get Wiped out by Covid, a huge problem now with a dozen plus games each week getting cancelled. We have been really picky with our College Hoops picks so for this new 2020 season (2-1 start) as we just do not have the “FEEL” we had when season opened. Months of preparation seems wasted as Covid causing headaches and so many teams playing roller coaster in their first few games I can’t get any read just yet. I expect to start things back up (Last pick was last Friday) soon though as I am starting to finally get a good read on 20 teams or so. Losing Iowa (-27 1/2) after they led by 32 with 37 seconds left, only to hold ball on last possession til clock ran out with 4 seconds and then see the Southern shooter just take a bomb half court shot and make it to sneak in the cover (win by only 27) did hurt to watch. This was supposed to be time College Football was basically done for 3 weeks and all the focus could be on just College Hoops, but it’s not case this year with CFB in full swing here thru the end of December. I am already usually up til 3am and so no more time is there to do research, injury and Covid checks on all these games. We shall weather thru it with less plays at this time than normal for College Hoops. For those who have joined first time in College Hoops, hang in there, the picks will come, as it’s a long, long season. Hoping your new week is a great one so far. Oh and enjoy “Jimmy V” week…it’s a very Special week to me….a group you never ask to Join….you sadly get placed in it….Life isn’t always what we expect…and this year 2020 hasn’t been easy I’m sure for most of you in many ways, but battle thru….DON’T EVER GIVE UP…I’ve been tested 3x in ways I’d never thought I’d be, but if you battle, you can WIN…I’ve won each time….if you can give to Jimmy Valvano’s Cancer Cause, you will be “BLESSED” forever ahead! It does SAVE LIVES….I can attest to it. Kick some ass this week with all your picks. 




OVERALL:  ( 69 – 42 – 4)  = (62 %)

COLLEGE FOOTBALL:  (36 – 23– 3) = (61%)

NFL:  (33– 19) = (63.4%)

“BEST BETS”:  2 UNIT BEST BETS (7 –2)  ~  1  1/2 UNITS BEST BETS (4 – 5)