Well folks in a not that unexpected Saturday in College Football Week #3, we suffered a losing Saturday. As I mentioned last week we felt super dialed in on the NFL side but the College Football side of things, well not close to dialed in just yet. Plus with the very small card of games to choose and it’s night and day from our past seasons when I usually need to cut a few games to keep the number of picks at 7. On Saturday we had a losing day going just (1-2) with a very easy Winner on the ‘OVER” Total of Miami-Florida/Louisville game, but neither Oklahoma State (the Cowboys QB did get hurt early on ending really any chance to cover immediately, although I will say what I saw early didn’t look anything like the potent Offense I expected from Okie State and hence we won’t even use the QB injury as an excuse), nor the Total “OVER” in the App State/Marshall game never even sniffed a cover, even with a sensational early start seeing a quick 2 TD’s on board right out gate. So after a solid (5-1) start in CFB in 2020, we now head to Week 4 on a down note. We now are (6-3) overall on the young CFB season in our “Gameday” Picks.

The NFL week 2 overall brought some huge pain and misery to many fans and Team Owners and Coaches as 21 key star players were Injured, with many “OUT FOR THE YEAR”. OUCH! We had entered Week 2 with a perfect record (3-0) and we had 3 early Sunday picks on our “Gameday” picks package and we did lose our first game of the season with the Vikings. We easily won both our “TOTALS” plays as Dallas/Atlanta-“OVER” and Green Bay/Detroit- “OVER” both flew over the posted numbers making for a winning (2-1) day in Week 2. So we now stand at (5-1) in the NFL and are a (11-4) COMBINED record in both CFB and NFL for the 2020 season.

Going into the Monday Night game (we are passing the Saints/Ray’dahhs’ game) the final tally overall was 8 Underdogs cashing (only one Dog -“RAMS” won straight up this weekend after a huge bevy of Dogs winning straight up in Week 1), with 7 Favorites cashing in. Eight games went “OVER” the Total and Six games went “UNDER” the Total. The Books got clobbered by the average Joes betting the elite teams all favored by a TD in Moneyline Parlays as all 6 (GB, TB, TENNY, BALTY, KC, AZ) won straight up making every imaginable 2-3-4-5-6 team Moneyline Parlay a Winner.

I must say this I’ve always dreaded Injuries each week, but 21 (not a lucky number in this situation) KEY INJURIES is really one that will keep me up at night and I am already usually up til 3am going over each game. Replacing average Starters isn’t an easy task, and as Rick Pitino once said: “Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish ain’t walking thru that door” (now insert Barkley, Nick Bosa, Jimmy G, Drew Lock, C. Sutton, B. Scherff, Davonte Adams to just name a handful) and we have a handicapping Nightmare scenario. I went from dialed in to Migraine Headache in a matter of 7 hours yesterday (Thankfully no Key Injury affected any of my 3 selections).

As we say each Tuesday, tomorrow it’s back to the drawing board. Thankfully we have a little cushion to start this 2020 season but lots of work now to be done ahead as it seems like we are almost starting from scratch in the NFL again. To all the folks who bought the $99 package for one weekend do Not buy it again as I’ve already added you to the text, email or kept your Password live for next week if you retrieve picks off my web site.

Last I want to say I did receive the second $500 bonus for my Charities from a new Bettor late last week and I also was pleasantly surprised to get two more $100 donations as well from a few other new clients who won in weeks 1 and 2. Of course (3-3) weekends don’t get Bonuses but that’s OK….we are still very much in the full learning process of all the teams and we do feel a lot better about a dozen or so CFB teams now after watching them play twice. The chances of BIG weekends are not as great as years past until we can at least get CFB to the 5 pick mark and hopefully the NFL to the same 5 picks mark released as well. It’s a long season and a grind and I could easily pick the Monday Night game tonight (Saints/Raiders) to give us a shot at a winning overall weekend rather than just (3-3) but we’ve never just released a pick for the sake of throwing a dart that could give us a Winning overall weekend. Next week comes fast and we are fine waiting for a pick we really like a lot.

I hope you all had a winning weekend and have a great week ahead. Stay Safe out there and if you bet with a bookie and had a tough weekend, and tonight is your last chance to reduce the figure you are down, please do NOT over Bet this one game tonight. Take your hit and move onto the full card next week. I will say this per Jay Kornegay at the Westgate Sportsbook in Las Vegas even with the dropping line of Saints (-5 1/2) to now just (-4) he said the Public is SPLIT on this game with many carryover Parlays on the Saints but some very Big bets on the Raiders taking the points. He said the Handle so far is a little down due to only allowing 50% of it’s normal in house capacity. I will do a recap from a handful of Sportsbook’s Bosses on how they all fared later this week.

God Bless,

Gary Greene