Hi Gary Greene/Bluebook Sports fans/followers,

Well the Football Season was a huge success but the past two picks were not as we followed our Title Games weekend pick (LOSS) with a Super Bowl (LOSS) as the Rams/Bengals – “OVER 48” fell short. I really didn’t like game itself as I felt line was right on money and so I sided with “OVER” and lost. That (-1.10) UNIT brought us under (+40 Units) for the season ….. as we finish the Combined Football Season of CFB/NFL for 2021-2022 with an overall (+39.93 UNITS) won.

The CFB season late surge really helped a roller coaster season there and we were fortunate to get to plus with a strong final week and CFB Bowl season. The NFL, until these past two weeks, was just off charts fantastic again as we have simply destroyed the books on the NFL side of things for the past decade plus. Where many close finishes went against us in CFB, the opposite happened all season in the NFL, as we seemingly hit 90% of all the very close finishes.

We are somewhat relieved as it was a very difficult season again with Covid often playing a huge factor with late scratches of players, often star players. 

The College Hoops season had a solid (11-6) week last week (Thursday Feb 9 thru Wednesday Feb 16th, 2022).  We went (2-1) on our three “2 UNIT-BEST BETS”. We are now very strong/profitable (+33.45 UNITS) on this 2021-22 CBB season.  We had a week of much less than our normal week of plays for this time of year, but night after night the games we liked a lot, the lines were just way off for any even halfway decent value and we ended the week with only 17 overall plays. 

On Thursday Feb 10th we went (2-1) winning a “2 UNIT BEST BET” on Michigan as a small dog beat Purdue by 24.  On Friday Feb. 11, we went (0-1) in what is like a broken record for us this CBB season on Friday nights. On Sat. Feb, 12th, we then hit another super easy “2 UNIT BEST BET” on North Carolina (-9) over Florida State, winning by 20 but actually up by an insane 38 points at Halftime, finishing the large Saturday card with a (4-2) overall day. On Sunday Feb. 13th, we hit our only play as Monmouth (+9) came back from way down to lose by only 8. On Monday Feb. 14th,  we lost though our third Best Bet of the week as Davidson (-14) vs. Duquesne lost, winning by only 11, after being up 11 at Halftime. Ouch! We did win our other play that night as Kansas beat Oklahoma State by 14. Then on Tues. Feb 15th we won our only play as Wake Forest (+10) only lost by two points to Duke. Our last day for this week was Wed. Feb. 16th and it was a winning (2-1) night. Miami and Rutgers won but we had a rare bad beat as Marquette won by only 11, as (-13) point favorite. They blew a huge lead costing us a sweep for the night. 

I am hoping for another WINNING week ahead but one with a (+double digits Units won).  These last weeks of February have been some of my all time epic weeks as this is easily my favorite time of year to bet any Sport. So far I am tipping my hat to the oddsmakers as they are pricing me out of lots and lots of plays this season. 

I hope you all had a Winning Super Bowl, unlike me this season. That’s back to back Super Bowl losses for me after a really strong Super Bowl run. I am thankful to have made my clients a very strong Profit, and I feel a little like a young kid starting summer vacation. No more game tapes to watch until September. 

I hope you all have a very big Winning next 7 days ahead. I can’t believe it’s final week or so of Conference Play in CBB and then Conference Tournaments and then March Madness again. 

Stay safe and never bet what you can’t afford to lose.

God Bless,

Gary Greene



(**Thru FEB. 16th, 2022 games played in both CFB (TITLE GAME) and

NFL (*thru NFL SUPER BOWL) and all COLLEGE HOOPS (Reg. season so far).



OVERALL COMBINED RECORD: (126 – 85 – 3) ~ (59.7%)


TOTAL UNITS WON/LOST:  (+39.93 UNITS Combined Won)

OVERALL “BEST BETS”: (26– 17) = (60.4%)


COLLEGE FOOTBALL: (*Final tally for 2021-22 CFB season)

OVERALL: (64 – 51 – 3) ~ (55.6%)

BEST BETS: (14 – 11)


NFL: (*Final tally for 2021-22 NFL Season)

OVERALL: (62 – 34) ~ (64.5%)

BEST BETS: (12 – 6)



(*Thru Feb. 16th, 2022)


OVERALL: (111 – 70 – 1) ~ (61.3%)

BEST BETS (8 – 3)