Hi Gary/Bluebook Fans-Followers,

Well a nice bounce back off last week’s average Wild Card Weekend (3-3) as we hit our only two plays (2-0) hitting both plays although for most bettors both picks were heart wrenchers. We passed the two Saturday games but played both “OVERS” on Sunday in two games that turned into winners with improbable late crazy scoring finishes. If you look only at the final scores it looks like both were easy winners but that wasn’t case. But when you have a sport where it seems everything goes your way, these final results almost seem as they were supposed to have miracle finishes to turn very possible losing tickets into winning ones. I won’t lie after both Saturday games went “UNDER” it surely looked like it would be a likely split at least with so many good Offenses playing in the two Sunday games. For non betting football fans by far the most exciting weekend maybe all time with all 4 decided on final play of game. On my radio show guest spots last week the first question asked was “How many Dogs have a shot to win”?  I said all 4 (although I did like Green Bay) and if not for Overtime and KC winning with a TD, all 4 Dogs would’ve covered. I also said I felt like the real Super Bowl would be the Bills/Chiefs game. Now seeing how that game played out it will take the miracle of all miracles to top that game. Just happy to have bounced back as often the newer clients don’t give a rats ass about the prior wins we’ve had. I’ve always fared well in Playoff/SB action but (3-3) in the Wild Card games (and that was lucky to be 3-3 and not 2-4) so hitting two Best Bets and hitting the only 2 plays released was really fun (and a small relief). I never like to see anyone pay and lose money to do it. On any given one week losing is very possible. I have just one (1 1/2 UNIT) Best Bet in these two final NFL games Sunday. Let’s grab another winner as we close out one of the best Football Seasons ever at Bluebook Sports. 

Our College Basketball picks had a fantastic week overall, but once again we could not win on Saturday (2-3). Much like College Football (Saturday picks) until very late in season we simply couldn’t have many big winning days. Every close outcome turned into a loser while every close outcome all season in the NFL seemingly turned into a winner. But an (11-2) Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wed run really got us back into a solid groove again and most excitingly was we had two “Best Bets” after none last week in the CBB circuit. Our first (2 1/2 Unit Best Bet) was one I was waiting to pounce on for weeks. UCLA (+3) hosting Arizona was as fun as it gets as they dominated the entire game winning straight up in Blowout fashion. There is no way they should’ve been the dog but I loved going in not needing to worry about any win but not cover. Our other Best Bet (1 1/2 UNIT) on Miami-Florida (+5) – a nice straight up winner over Va Tech. College Hoops has always been my favorite and most profitable sport to bet (especially January and Feb each year) even with NFL being my number 1 best sport the past decade. I am super pumped for these next 4-5 weeks as we hit Conference second meeting games and also I can see teams on rise and teams that are running out of gas. 

Last I want to thank all those who have been donating money to my different Charities. I will have some big news soon as I am finalizing a new TV show deal and have some other new things in the works. I will also be starting a new Charity in my Dad’s name (honor). I want to also give me prayers and thoughts to the these hero Policemen/women who have been killed this past month. My Dad was a Sgt. for 3 decades and I can tell you he did not make tons of money.  These Cops are true Heroes and they risk their lives each day they go to work. The world now sadly is a Jungle. Please pray for these guys/gals as they need them all with these insane DA’s allowing bad thugs to get out crime after crime.

PS- after a 3 week plus battle with Covid I finally tested negative this week and feel around 85%. Still a small cough and endurance still not there but from what the worst part did to me and to now, wow, so thankful I survived when so many have not these past 2 years. And yes I had my shots. Please take care of yourselves and stay Safe, from Covid and crime too.

Have a fun weekend ahead and enjoy these last 2 games in NFL on Sunday. I do not have any Saturday CBB “Best Bets” but 7 plays to hopefully get weekend started in winning fashion (although my friends/and some clients too…haha) are calling my Saturday picks “Gary’s Black Saturday picks.

God Bless,

Gary Greene



(**Thru Jan. 26, 2022 games played in both CFB (TITLE GAME) and




OVERALL COMBINED RECORD: (126 – 83 – 3) ~ (60.2%)


TOTAL UNITS WON/LOST:  (+42.53 UNITS Combined Won)

OVERALL “BEST BETS”: (26– 16) = (60.0%)


COLLEGE FOOTBALL: (*Final tally for 2021-22 CFB season)

OVERALL: (64 – 51 – 3) ~ (55.6%)

BEST BETS: (14 – 11)



OVERALL: (62 – 32) ~ (65.9%)

BEST BETS: (12 – 5)




OVERALL: (70 – 42 – 1) ~ (62.5%)

BEST BETS (5 – 1)