GARY’S “GAMEDAY PICKS” RECAP FOR WEEK 10 NFL/WEEK 11 CFB (*thru Mon. Nov. 16, 2020)

Hi Football Bettors,

Well we bounced back off a small losing week last week with another very nice and profitable week overall. We finished (6-2) overall as we didn’t get a few picks in due to games cancelled due to Covid. We did hit both our “2 UNIT-BEST BETS” with Marshall (-24) on Saturday and the LA Rams (-2) on Sunday, both cashing in (for many of you who only buy Best Bets) and now running our season record on “2 UNIT-BEST BETS” to a really solid (7-1) on this 2020 season. Dating back to last year we are now (31-8) on these high rated plays. We did split on our two “1 1/2 UNIT-BEST BETS” with a very close (and a little lucky) winner on Central Florida (-23 1/2), but we lost on USC (-14) as they just made every mistake, blunder and implosion on 4th downs inside 7 yard line and we never really sniffed a cover there. The other 4 plays (all 1 UNIT regular plays) had 3 winners and 1 loser. Oregon, Fla/Arkansas-OVER 60, and Arizona/Buffalo-OVER 55 1/2 all cashed in, but thanks to a missed two point try on Denver’s last TD, we lost Denver/Vegas-OVER 50 by 1 point. Some close winners this week we will take after losing them all last week and the tough loser on Denver/Vegas total we had numerous chances to win and win relatively easily. But we will happily take the (6-2) as we had our highest sales since my Radio and TV show days doing 15+ shows a week as some new things we put in motion a few weeks ago are now creating tons more traffic to the site.

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PS- SPECIAL “THANKS” to a few now handfuls of clients who have sent in some money for my Charities to help Sick Kids, Homeless Kids and Feeding the Poor. Last week we made zero off the (3-3-1) week but this past week we raised $4,850 and I am told a few more checks are in mail and haven’t arrived yet. I love winning, but I love raising money for those who really need it just as much. It’s great kindness and wonderful Karma and I am forever thankful to receive this money and to have now made so many friends as well and not just a client. The world has gone to crap but there are still so many great people out there. 




OVERALL:  ( 61 – 33 – 4)  = (64%)

COLLEGE FOOTBALL:  (30 – 18– 3) = (62.5%)

NFL:  (31 – 15) = (67%)

“BEST BETS”:  2 UNIT BEST BETS (7 – 1)  ~  1  1/2 UNITS BEST BETS (3 – 3)

Note: Best Bets are included in above record and not separate.


Have a great new week and weekend of full slate of CFB and NFL Week 10 ahead. May all your wagers be Winning ones!