Well what had chances for a really great week overall turned into not one ounce of luck our way and in end a heartbreaking (5-7-1) week overall in Football. We started week off with a tough loss on Thursday Night’s NFL game as the “OVER” in Miami/Jax falls short thanks to a horrific INT on first down by Jags QB Minshew after driving nicely inside 30 with tons time and 3 time outs only to implode by throwing an awful INT at the 1 to end hopes of a backdoor cover. Saturday early was much of same….with no backdoor TD late by two teams inside 20 and first down and lots time left turning into a loss and a Push. Then Alabama getting back-doored late after a total domination prior thanks to a horrific effort by their backup and so called elite 5 star QB who looked like a 1 star. Georgia also started slow as molasses with it’s own 5 star QB, only to bring in 2nd stringer, get to point where a late TD and they still grab cover, but no can do as they end up only kicking a short FG to win by 27 while laying 28. A possible 4-0 start to Saturday turned into (0-3-1). Thankfully our night game play of BYU won very easily to keep us from a donut day (1-3-1). The NFL on Sunday early looked promising with the Falcons up by 16 only to see another implosion. We made a small comeback in later games/MNF game to finish (4-4) winning a Best Bet and losing a Best Bet, although we finally got a loser on a Total and Az QB Murray just played terrible costing the Over there. Overall a losing week running our overall Season totals: (CFB: 7-6-1), (NFL: 9-5), (BEST BETS: 1-1) and an overall total Combined CFB/NFL: (16-11-1). College FB now a really bad (2-5-1) past two weeks, although not one of the 5 picks was terrible and all 5 had great shots to win. Bottom line is just not good enough and although we keep learning about these teams, other than BYU nobody has really played to how we had thought. Hoping for a much better outcome this week. We did pass Thursday Night NFL (Jets/Broncos) and will head into weekend to get started with “Gameday Picks”. The only bright light was we continue to be fantastic in MLB Playoffs as we hit all 4 plays (before Thursday games) with 3 Totals (UNDERS) all very easy winners and A’s Game 2 a relatively easy wire to wire winner.

Hopefully you all had a better weekend last week than we did and may you all have a giant Winning weekend ahead.

God Bless,

Gary Greene