GARY’S “GAMEDAY PICKS” RECAP: CFB WK 13/NFL WEEK 12: (*Thru Nov. 30th, 2021)!

GARY’S “GAMEDAY PICKS” RECAP: CFB WK 13/NFL WEEK 12: (*Thru Nov. 30th, 2021)!

Hi Bluebook/Gary Greene Fans and Followers,

First we hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was one of my favorite ever as we raised over $2,600 last week off all weekly sales and every penny went to Charities. We made over 300 meals and bought 4 dozen winter coats for the Homeless/Needy and I had a few of my buddies help and it was their first time doing Volunteer work. They told me they never felt so good after we were done. Unless your blind and a clear biased person you can see the world is crashing and even people who once could sneak by no longer can with prices skyrocketing. I also want to thank all my neighbors who helped donate dozens of boxes of food! I was actually stunned to see my Church say they were completely out of food donations last week. Please guys and gals try your best to give back in any form you can. 

Next for the recap of my “Gameday Picks”: It took basically all College Football season to get in a really big week, and I am not shocked if I was asked what week would be my best, it would’ve been and always will be Thanksgiving week. I love the rivalry matchups and we had a monster week (8-2-1) overall in CFB. We got right going with a nice close win with Texas (-3) on Friday morning, then we won our biggest play (2 UNITS) on Arkansas (-14).  Both close winners which is always a good sign that Lady Luck is on our side. Washington State (-1 1/2) won in a blowout to get the weekend rocking with a (3-0) day. Saturday we loaded up with 8 plays and 3 Best Bets in the bunch. We started Saturday morning with two early plays and we won Michigan and got a fortunate push on our first Sat. 1 1/2 UNIT Best Bet (Florida State +3). It was for most part a wrong side lucky Push. Our other two (1 1/2 UNIT BEST BETS) split as Clemson (-11 1/2) won easily wire to wire in dominant fashion. We then though lost with (TOTAL) VA TECH/VIRGINIA – “OVER 63 1/2” as they both stumbled and bumbled their way to not getting in the OVER. Both teams combined for 950+ yards yet brutal turnovers over and over kept this one Under. Tough one to lose as clear right side. We then hit 3 more (1 UNIT) Plays with Notre Dame, Western Kentucky, and Kentucky/Louisville-“OVER 57 1/2”! Our second loss was Oregon State (+7). The scoreboard shows they lost by only 9, but really not that close. Clear wrong side and not a bad beat. Overall just an outstanding CFB weekend with just shy 7 Units of profit. 

Over in Week 12 of the NFL we had no stand out games for a “Best Bet” but we ended with 4 plays in all. Our torrid NFL season continued as we finished (3-1). Sadly some misfortune cost us a fourth winner as I missed giving my Redskins out in the Monday Night game. We decided this would be our week to hold our nose and take Detroit (+3). It was really a play against the Bears as much as a play on Detroit to give best effort and garner their first win of the season. As usual they found a way to lose but we cashed in and so we are very happy with the final outcome. Our two NFL Totals both flew over the posted Totals. Indy/Bucs and Vikings/Niners “OVERS” were dead nuts right sides. Our only loser was the Total Over on LAC/Denver. The Bolts just imploded over and over and the game still had a shot to possibly sneak over. In end we will take the (3-1) week and look forward to dominating NFL these final 6 weeks of the regular season and then the Playoffs where we have hit Grand Slams every year the past decade. Oh and “how bout them Cowboys”???  (haha) Goooooooooooo Redskins! 

Next to CBB as the early season solid run coming into this past week (7-3) took a big smash hit as we lost with UCLA (+8) vs. Gonzaga. It was our first Best Bet of year (1 1/2 UNITS) and I was at the game making it excruciating to watch as they completely crapped the bed. With so much Football in play we only took 3 more plays all week. We went right back against Gonzaga on Friday night with Duke (+9) as our second “Best Bet” of this new CBB season. Now that game was much more fun. Duke was the better team and that crowd was the most electric atmosphere I’d been at in many years. What a difference from Tuesday night with UCLA/ZAGS game. We then passed until Monday night when we had two plays (both 1 Unit). We hit both as Iowa (+2) won by 1 after blowing a 21 point lead and then Illinois (-4) won by 10 after also blowing a huge lead. Just a perfect ending to a gigantic winning week and I was happy I decided to add my CBB picks to the weekly picks buyers making for a double digit plus profits week. My only regret was not giving UCLA on Saturday over UNLV as I sensed they’d bounce back off their horrific effort but decided to pass with so many CFB picks in play. 

“SPECIAL ALERT”:  DO “NOT” purchase this week’s weekly Picks Packages. 

I will not be able to offer the weekly Gameday Picks Package to people buying first time or sporadic here and there guys/gals as I got a call yesterday from my Doctor that I need to have immediate surgery on Wednesday. All those who bought last week were contacted and thankfully all again came on for this new week and this week’s CFB Title game picks were released last night to all of them and all my season clients. I normally hope to wait on possible bad weather but all in all I am very comfortable with all the CFB Title picks and even the lines I am very happy with. I am hoping to be back selling weekly next week. I won’t be doing any Radio Show guest spots this week. We will see how things go for next week Radio Show appearances. 

I hope you all had a Safe and Healthy and hopefully Winning Thanksgiving weekend and have a wonderful new week ahead. God willing my surgery will go as well as we hope and I can return to normal by the weekend. There won’t be any CBB plays thru Friday for sure and possibly this entire week. NFL Plays are ready to go now and will be released likely Friday by my Tech if I am not able. We have just dominated NFL and are on another level than really almost anyone in the NFL the past decade. 

God Bless and stay Safe and please never bet what you can’t afford to lose.

Gary Greene



(**Thru Nov. 30th games played in both CFB (WEEK 13) and NFL (WEEK 12)



OVERALL COMBINED RECORD: (86 – 59 – 1) ~ (59.3%)


TOTAL UNITS WON/LOST:  (+26.27 UNITS Combined Won)

OVERALL “BEST BETS”: (17– 12) = (58.6%)



OVERALL: (46 – 38 – 2) ~ (54.7%)

BEST BETS: (11 – 7)



OVERALL: (40 – 21) ~ (65.7%)

BEST BETS: (6 – 5)



OVERALL: (10 – 4)

 BEST BETS (1 – 1)