GARY’S “GAMEDAY PICKS” RECAP: CFB WK 12/NFL WK 11: (*Thru Nov. 23, 2021)!

GARY’S “GAMEDAY PICKS” RECAP: CFB WK 12/NFL WK 11: (*Thru Nov. 23, 2021)!

Hi Gary/Bluebook Fans and Followers,

Well for most part we have been really consistent all season long. In CFB we consistently go 50/50 and once again last week we finished (3-3) overall. Luckily our only “Best Bet (2 UNITS)” on my boyz – UCLA (-3) won and did it in blowout fashion. So small profits on CFB side, but hey we will take them. Over in the NFL we once again just keep the solid winning going with a nice (4-2) week overall. We won our “BEST BET (2 UNITS) with San Fran Niners (-6 1/2)…another easy blowout winner. We lost our NFL “BEST BET (1 1/2 UNITS) on Tenny (-10) as they got smashed straight up.

Overall a nice profit of (+2.95) UNITS making up the losses on our first bad week overall last week. We now head to our last chance to make some waves on the College Football side and for us the only good thing is this is our favorite week of the year every year to bet College Football. We already have 4 “Best Bets” and could add a 5th one with a late Sat Night game as well. This is the most even Sunday NFL card of any one weekend I’ve ever seen as only the Patriots are over a FG (or so) line being a TD favorite. Right now it looks like a 3 or 4 games picked Sunday card and hopefully we just keep cashing NFL tickets (Bets/picks) in at a huge winning rate

We did win both our Radio Show free picks (2-0) winning Villanova (-2) a blowout winner over Tenny. Our free Football pick was GB/Minny-“OVER 47 1/2” which also won easily. Our CBB is off to a nice (7-3) start, as we are taking a much slower approach in College Hoops than our past seasons this year. I still don’t feel really strongly in CBB and likely will go slow another week at least.

We will be donating every dollar we get on daily sales this week to our Charities to help Feed the Poor/Homeless on this Holiday weekend. Now it’s do my best to make it profitable for the buyers here and the Charities.

I want to wish you and your families a Happy/Safe and Healthy weekend ahead and may all your wagers be WINNING ones.

God Bless,

Gary Greene




(**Thru Nov. 23rd games played in both CFB (WEEK 12) and NFL (WEEK 11)



OVERALL COMBINED RECORD: (75– 56– 1) ~ (57.2%)


TOTAL UNITS WON/LOST:  (+19.37 UNITS Combined Won)

OVERALL “BEST BETS”: (15 – 11) = (57.6%)



OVERALL: (38 – 36 – 1) ~ (51.3%)

BEST BETS: (9 – 6)



OVERALL: (37 – 20) ~ (64.9%)

BEST BETS: (6 – 5)