GARY’S “GAMEDAY PICKS” RECAP: CFB WK 11/NFL WK 10: (*Thru Nov. 16, 2021)

GARY’S “GAMEDAY PICKS” RECAP: CFB WK 11/NFL WK 10: (*Thru Nov. 16, 2021)

Hi Gary/Bluebook Fans/Followers,

Well folks even with our two Highest rated plays winning as easy as any game we’ve ever won in our 33 year career, this past week was a real gut punch as our slow grind of profits finally crossing the (+20 units) barrier came to a halt with a (3 1/2 units loss). Our College FB season continued to be a struggle to get ahead on the season with a very bad (2-5) week even though our 2 Unit Best Bet of Purdue/Ohio State – “OVER 62 1/2” flew over basically cashing in by Halftime. Our  other Best Bet in CFB: 1 1/2 pick of Texas A+M never really had a shot to win. We finally had a losing NFL week (2-3) even though our highest rated play all season: (2 1/2 UNITS) on Buffalo was another rocking chair laugher winner, but we did lose a (1 1/2 Unit Best Bet) with the Rams. 

Our Radio Shows Free Football Pick also lost after hitting 7 straight weeks as ND/Va- “OVER” never sniffed a chance as VA. HC Mendenhall decided at the last minute to sit his stud elite passing QB. We did at least win both our CBB free picks as my UCLA boys fortunately covered small spread in Overtime and Gonzaga easily crushed Texas. 

We are running out of time to get hot in CFB so hoping this is the week we can get in a big winning Saturday. Our NFL losses this past week were all very close ones so really not worried a bit on the NFL side as we have completely destroyed the NFL for the past decade.

Sadly no extra money for donations to my Charities as losing weeks hurt twofold. 

I want to say I hope you all had a winning week last week and a big winning week this weekend ahead. With so many sports now in action please watch your bankroll closer than normal as there will be non stop games daily now and tons of TV games where many folks force plays (bets) and get into some serious trouble by trying to recoup losses quickly.

Have a SAFE and ENJOYABLE weekend ahead.

God Bless,

Gary Greene 




(**Thru Nov. 16th games played in both CFB (WEEK 11) and NFL (WEEK 10)



OVERALL COMBINED RECORD: (68– 51– 1) ~ (57.1%)



OVERALL “BEST BETS”: (13 – 10)



OVERALL: (35 – 33 – 1)

BEST BETS: (8 – 6)



OVERALL: (33 – 18)

BEST BETS: (5 –4)