Hi Bluebook/Gary Greene Fans/Followers,

As I head into my second full week battling Covid (I am not winning a round yet) I will say although I got both shots and booster, this Covid now will likely (sadly) find you. And if you aren’t lucky to get a mild case, it’s a body crusher. I still cough non stop 14 days later and get tired walking to my mailbox and back. Two weeks ago I was doing a 3.4 Bootcamp/Powerwalk/Weights after session 6 days a week. I am just thankful I have not yet needed oxygen as that will really break my spirits. I watched my Dad use that his final 3 years and it was heart breaking. I pray none of you get this Covid and if you do it’s Mild cases only. I’ve lost over 2 dozen people in my group to Covid so far, many under 60. Get lots sleep and exercise a little each day. 

Well the College Football Season came to end and we are happy to have finished with a nice (2 UNIT-BEST BET) Winner on the Georgia Bulldogs. The CFB Bowl Season was a much bigger success then I expected. Before the Bowls I asked every client what they preferred I do: Only take my 6-7 Best Bet type plays or bet a ton of Bowls and chance Covids and last second sit outs by star players. It was a huge “let’s play a ton”.  We had only a few (3) “Best Bets” and it was nice to win Georgia after our (2 UNIT-BEST BET) of Notre Dame imploded on New Years Day. It was good to end on a high note after a tough overall New Years Day slate. The good ending the Bowls and the final week of CFB regular season/Title Games (Conf) week was very helpful in turning around a near non profitable CFB season. Not much went our way in CFB and I can add it’s most complaints I have gotten in one CFB season maybe my entire career. Lots of new clients off radio show appearances and every single one expects to win big, not scratch and claw to tiny profits. It had been a long time since I heard the line “I can go 2-4 on my own”….. which I fully get once someone pays they expect that I am the Expert and that’s what they are paying for. Luckily the NFL season carried us to most of the profits until the CFB Bowl season and for most part kept most the folks on board from some really bad hate e-mail and voice messages (of course I don’t get many call in for picks clients anymore with email-texting much easier (faster) but I did get a handful (ok 4 handfuls) of calls I got berated like a bad kid from his parents. It’s all good though…..the reason most people buy picks is so when they have a losing week betting they no longer have to scream into their own mirror saying “you suck” and they get to do it to the guy they paid for picks. It’s always hard to fathom how you can be so dialed into (CFB or NFL – pick one – and the other you just can’t ever get on a run). 

Well the NFL Regular season is now in books and it was just another off charts and extremely profitable NFL Regular season. The past decade we have simply dominated the NFL to levels I don’t even expect each new season. You need a lot of lucky breaks and hitting on a few teams (on or against). Of course our “TOTALS” picks are our bread and butter and once again they just crushed all season long. Last week we sadly missed a (4-0) sweep as we lost the Tenny Titans (-10), a game we led (21-0) at Halftime and it was as one sided a game as I watched any team have in first half all season. I rarely count a win in my head before the game is final, but I actually was thinking nice early start (it was only early play last Sunday). Thankfully the 3 late games all came in nicely, as Niners, Steelers and Raiders all cashed in with nice late game endings. I’ll take (3-1) any week all year. We finish the NFL Regular Season with a (57-29) record. That will be a tough hill to pass over next season. 

Next we are now getting fully dialed in with College Hoops as we had a strong (11-4) week hitting our two (2 UNIT-BEST BETS) as well. It’s been a very hard process with Covids and some teams going 2 weeks without playing. I’ve rode a few teams I liked a lot (Auburn/LSU) on numerous occasions so they have helped kinda carry us into a time now I hope teams don’t miss games and don’t lose players to Covid. It was nice to win a close Best Bet this week when we had Auburn/Alabama – “OVER 156”. At one point it looked like we’d cash with 6 mins to go, then a drought and in end a small 3 point over total win. LSU as dog to Florida was much easier, winning straight up. Before last week in CBB action I was feeling very hesitant still….but the past week I tracked all the games extra close and I feel much better now on about 25 top teams (and a handful who really suck as well) that I feel we can get in a very profitable season.

This week we are offering the NFL Playoffs/Super Bowl Pick/all Super Bowl Props for $195 bucks. Every penny will go to Charity along with the just fantastic donations I have received this year from my Commission clients and even some newer ones who don’t pay off commission only. Now I have to get the job done and stay Red Hot in the NFL Playoffs, where we have really done extremely well over the years. I don’t expect to hit our goal of (+50 UNITS) for this 2021-22 Football (Combined CFB-NFL) season unless we somehow run the table in the NFL Playoffs but I am still super happy the CFB at least got hot in end and didn’t steal from the NFL’s huge profits.

Hope you all have a winning NFL Playoffs and a safe and healthy weekend ahead. 

God Bless,

Gary Greene




(**Thru Jan. 12, 2022 games played in both CFB (TITLE GAME) and

NFL (WEEK 18 – Final week of Regular Season)



OVERALL COMBINED RECORD: (121 – 80 – 3) ~ (60.1%)


TOTAL UNITS WON/LOST:  (+40.17 UNITS Combined Won)

OVERALL “BEST BETS”: (24– 16) = (60.0%)


COLLEGE FOOTBALL: (*Final tally for 2021-22 CFB season)

OVERALL: (64 – 51 – 3) ~ (55.6%)

BEST BETS: (14 – 11)



OVERALL: (57 – 29) ~ (66.2%)

BEST BETS: (10 – 5)




OVERALL: (43 – 25 – 1) ~ (63.2%)

BEST BETS (3 – 1)