Hi Gary Greene/Bluebook Site followers,

Well at time I write this update we are down to our final CFB game (Bama vs. Ohio State) as this definitely wasn’t a normal College Football Bowls Season. Overall in the Bowls we went (8-6) but were nailed all 5 of our Best Bets (4 of them I released a few days after the lines were posted) and really only one of the 5 was close. We won easily with BYU, Oklahoma, Clemson/Ohio State-“OVER” and Ole Miss (solid Dog winner outright) and Iowa State. We got extremely lucky to steal a winner on Texas A+M. We won both our NFL “Best Bets” going (6-5) the final 2 weekends. We made some nice picks and some bad picks as Covid cancels at last minute really hurt us 3 different games. I will say this was a fantastic season but it was by far my hardest and most difficult each week to no longer just sweat weather and some injuries but the unknown of possibly a handful or more players being forced to sit out late. Every bettor went thru this each weekend so we are very happy to have navigated the storms to a HUGE WINNING season. We’ve always done extremely well in the NFL Playoffs and so far look to be playing 5 of the 6 games. I am going to post an article on Friday with some Rants (many very funny ones) and some thoughts on this weekend’s WILD “Wild Card” slate of games, including my own Washington Redskins (Yes that name never changes for me if they keep no name).

We want to THANK so many clients who sent in donations this season to help many good causes. If there was ever a year these were desperately needed, this was the season for sure. I’ve always felt good deeds get returned and I am glad we were able to make some serious profits for anyone who jumped on board for our Football Picks.

I’ve already sold 8 “NFL PLAYOFFS PICKS PACKAGES” for $99 bucks so if you would like to get them as well, send me a note or call me at 1-800-587-BLUE. Every penny will go to help feed Homeless Kids.


CBB UPDATE: Thru Thursday Night January 7, 2021 

(13-6) – (4-0 in Best Bets)

Well a fantastic (11-1) start to the 2020-2021 season crashed very hard with a (0-5) run (*two 18 point or more blown leads in the 0-5 skid), but a nice 2-0 run was nice as this season has been more of a “stick to the big gun teams” with easily least amount of plays we’ve ever released at this point of a CBB season. Gonzaga, Iowa and Michigan have provided 2/3rds of the wins …. sadly we’ve only tried two not elite teams and they both imploded up 18 or more (Oklahoma State and Marquette). Ouch! It’s actually been a little bad on my part as my team Duke is really the worst team sent out there in a long, long time. I’ve just not been able to pull the trigger against them thinking maybe they are due for a breakout game. They are just very, very average this year and lucky for them so many good teams of the past are bad too. I’ve loved Gonzaga and Iowa since Day 1, but I have to say Michigan blows me away how good they have been. Houston is also not talked about much but they are loaded with talent too. I am hoping to start releasing more plays daily now the rest of the way as I finally feel caught up after spending two key weeks of this new CBB season in the Hospital. I’ve always preached if you are struggling in CBB, grab the Top teams and ride them as they should get you back into a WINNING groove. Gonzaga is as good as I’ve seen any team in past decade and unless key injuries occur, they will finally cut down the nets. 


May you all have a Happy and Winning but most important Safe/Healthy 2021 ahead.

God Bless,

Gary Greene



(**THRU all CFB Bowls (except Title Game) and NFL Regular Season games – Jan. 3rd, 2021)

OVERALL:  ( 97 – 65 – 5)  = (59.8%)

COLLEGE FOOTBALL:  (52 – 37– 4) = (58.4%)

NFL:  (45 – 29) = (60.8%)

“BEST BETS”:  3 UNIT BEST BETS (1 – 0)   ~   “2-2 1/2” UNIT BEST BETS (11 –4)    ~     “1  1/2” UNITS BEST BETS (7 – 7)



(13-6)  ~   (4-0 BEST BETS)