GARY’S “GAMEDAY PICKS CLUB” RESULTS: (*Thru Friday Jan. 22nd, 2021)!!

Hi Gary Greene/Bluebook Sports Followers,

Well due to very bad weather we decided to pass on two of the 4 NFL Playoff games last week and ended up releasing only one play in the 4 games played. We won that one and only play with Tampa Bay Bucs, a nice Underdog winner over the New Orleans Saints. We hope to be on both Title games this week if the weather warrants it.  As we wind down to our final few Football “Gameday Picks” we are thrilled to have had such a fantastic and hugely profitable season. We hope our last few plays can finish on a high note.

Our CBB picks last week started great with Wisconsin beating my alma mater Rutgers on Friday night, we then went (3-2) on Saturday, losing our first CBB “Best Bet” (2 UNITS) on Texas Tech (what we felt was a super live Dog at home over unbeaten Baylor. But a brutal final few minutes and giving up a decent 3 point lead late turned into a tough loss to stomach. We also lost our other Sat. (losing pick of the five) with San Diego State (another we felt live Dog in a rematch from 2 days prior) but they also imploded fouling (with a cover in hand) in final few seconds and Utah State made both FT’s to sneak a cover in (and a second late tough loss for us). We hit out other 3 Saturday plays all in Blowout fashion. We passed Monday, and then Tuesday was our first bone crushing day as we went (0-3) with all 3 losses absolute BLOWOUT Losses. Ouch! We actually then lost a fourth awful pick as Bradley (huge fav) got beat straight up badly. Luckily we stemmed tide with Boise State (big fav) having a gigantic second half to at least bring back some hope. We had a nice (2-0) Thursday night as we started by pouncing back on my Rutgers boys for a nice Penn State win. (I will not Rutgers did finish on a strong note, but being the second worst FT shooting team in nation is killing them now). We happily hit a “1 1/2 UNIT-BEST BET” on Colorado State (+8 1/2) as they just lost badly to Utah State two nights earlier. It felt good getting a little Revenge on Utah State, who really never should’ve covered last Saturday against SD State. We still feel good, but not “dialed in” in CBB as the truth is there are more Bad teams than great ones we can count on.

I was going to post this last week but somehow forgot. Many of my clients know I am a big Duke fan and so far I have not taken them once. I could see early this team is possibly worst in decades. It’s same truth for Kentucky, and a handful of other past powerhouses as well. I’ve watched (in excruciating pain) some of worst CBB play I’ve seen in many years. So many schools can’t run a simple play. Also Home court edge is 90% gone and it’s clearly showing in the performances. We do like having these back to back games vs. same opponent and hope to keep exploiting that second matchup of the two here the next 3-4 weeks.

We hope you are having a profitable 2021 so far. Last Super Thanks to some of my Commission Clients who keep sending my nice donations for some of my Charities. I did sadly close one up Wed (Jan 20-Bidens Oath day) as It’s time for Ole Joe to step up to plate and take care of the Homeless Kids we helped for the past dozen years. Obama/Biden turned down helping us with aide money all 8 years. Trump gave us huge money all 4 years. I am not a Dem or a Rep as I am not a follower type. But at some point it’s time to force these President’s to stop letting others do their work. I don’t mind helping but not when I see tons of help to Illegals and bypassing those Legal people who are struggling so badly. It’s pure INSANITY. I will continue to help lots of other causes ahead and I can’t be more thankful that so many clients (even if they are super rich and betting gigantic big bets) would take some of their winnings to help out a great cause. With my Dad’s health failing in New Jersey, this could be my last year (at least for a period of time….months? years? I have no idea) as I want to go back and help chip in helping care for him as he’s now in 24 hr a day full care. This type biz is a 16 hour day biz and I am feeling the stress of him and Covid itself making this job really hard on my own health. I hope to finish CBB strongly and then we will play it all by ear ahead.

Have a winning weekend and looking forward to seeing our new Super Bowl Matchup. Should be a Huge Casino Bonanza no matter what two of these four teams end up playing. And oh the Prop sheets will be off charts. Shame looks like cold/bad weather may decide this weekend’s final outcomes. Oh well, that’s old time Football I guess at it’s very best.

God Bless and stay Safe out there.

Gary Greene



(**THRU all CFB Bowls /NFL Regular Season/NFL Wild Card weekend games/CBB Reg season – Jan. 22nd, 2021)


OVERALL:  ( 101 – 66 – 5)  = (60.4%)

COLLEGE FOOTBALL:  (54 – 37– 4) = (59.3%)

NFL:  (48 – 30) = (61.5%)

“BEST BETS”:  3 UNIT BEST BETS (1 – 0)   ~   “2-2 1/2” UNIT BEST BETS (13 –4)    ~     “1  1/2” UNITS BEST BETS (7 – 7)



(24 – 15)  ~   (5 – 1 BEST BETS)