GARY’S “GAMEDAY PICKS CLUB” RECORD UPDATE: (*Thursday Jan. 28, 2021)!!

Hi Gary Greene/Bluebook Sports Fans/Followers,

Well we only played one of the two Conference Title games and we are happy to have cashed in pretty easily with Kansas City Chiefs (-3) over the Buffalo Bills. Many of my clients wondered why we didn’t take Tampa Bay again over Green Bay but we simply had no feel on either side and didn’t like the weather report prior to the game. So we are very happy to add another winning wager to our outstanding Football Season, even if it was just a regular 1 Unit Play. Now we are down to just the final game, the Super Bowl. This has been a very hard season to handicap, heck maybe my hardest of my career, with daily checking of Covid in’s or worse off “outs” just super time consuming and stressful. The hard work paid off in a big way for me and my clients wallets, but I will be extremely happy the first second the Super Bowl is over. We definitely won’t be on this years Super Bowl in “Best Bet” style like many past seasons, as this pick will be only a 1 Unit selection.

Recapping last week’s College Hoops we turned in another small profit overall, but again with Covid craziness we feel thrilled to make a profit. Although we got burned finally on a few second matchup games played in either the next day or two days following, we still felt like we had good handicaps that simply didn’t catch any luck in final minute of play. We ended last week (7-4) overall, but we did go just (1-2) with our “Best Bets” (all 3 were 1 1/2 UNIT Best Bet selections).  Our much awaited Colorado State (+3) over Boise St (Wed) was a solid winner, but once again Baylor got us hard. We have read almost all the elite teams right all season, but not Baylor. They somehow turn in monster second halves and take our money. I won’t be trying any more shots against Baylor the rest of the way. We tried Oklahoma State (+9) last Saturday and led by 6 at Half. In fact we led by 2 straight up with 6 minutes or so left. Then Baylor couldn’t miss and Okie State couldn’t make a shot. We lost our third Best Bet on Wed night with Missouri State (+4) losing by 5! OUCH! The final 45 seconds was disastrous and I still feel the hard sting of that game as I really loved the value playing a game on back to back nights and watching Drake really play out of it’s mind in the last 10 minutes of the first meeting. 

I do expect a possible 7 or 8 game Saturday card of selections this week as I try to ramp it up a bit here in final 2 months. I want to say I am heartbroken to see Michigan (of all teams, one I love) get benched for a good while now with Covid. I will say this Alabama has been really playing as good as anyone in nation outside Baylor and Zags. I said last week my Rutgers boys were awful but they did finish their last loss with a solid comeback and I watched closely if they could play Indiana a full solid game that ended in a win. College Hoops at times proves some teams simply need one big win (or here a nice late big comeback try) to wake the demons. I am very shocked that Tennessee can’t score anymore. Their Offense can’t run a set play. The Defense is great but no way you can take this team always still laying big spreads. Florida State has now somewhat quietly turned into a Top 6 team that can take out anyone. Hoping to learn more as this weekend is a CBB only watching one. 

Hoping you all have a great weekend coming up and for all you guys, take your girlfriends/wives out this Sunday with Football on a break. I guarantee you will get on their “good side”! May all your wagers be WINNING ones and never bet what you can’t afford to lose.

God Bless,

Gary Greene



(**THRU all CFB Bowls /NFL Regular Season/and all Playoffs (*except Super Bowl game)/ + All CBB picks–thru Jan. 28th, 2021)


OVERALL:  ( 102 – 66 – 5)  = (60.7%)

COLLEGE FOOTBALL:  (54 – 37– 4) = (59.3%)

NFL:  (49 – 30) = (62%)

“BEST BETS”:  3 UNIT BEST BETS (1 – 0)   ~   “2-2 1/2” UNIT BEST BETS (13 –4)    ~     “1  1/2” UNITS BEST BETS (7 – 7)



(31 – 19)  ~   (62% overall including “Best Bets)

(6 – 3 BEST BETS)  ~  (66.6%)