GARY’S “GAMEDAY PICKS CLUB” RECORD: CFB WEEKS 15-16/NFL WK 14-15 (*DEC. 24, 2020 post)!

Well folks this article is coming a little late as the last 2 weeks weren’t the type of week I had planned but sometimes Life dictates you and not the other way around. A few weeks ago I caught a bad flu bug and although I am a big water drinker and sports drink guy I was so under weather I somehow didn’t feel even up to drinking water. The bad flu turned into bad dehydration, which affected my organs as my good ole Lupus decided it wanted to have a little dance party without my

Thankfully a 2+ week fiasco ended on a high note this morning as I was given a so so so so so exciting release from the Hospital and back to my Home Sweet Home and just in time for my favorite Holiday. Although Sadly I won’t be allowed to help do Volunteer work at the Homeless Shelter on Christmas Morning, I will wake up in my own bed, no more prodding of my arms,  and able to see my Christmas tree and again watch games on my 6 TV’s again. Wow nothing better as these are a few of my favorite weeks to bet all Football Season long. I haven’t seen any College Hoops for over 2 weeks but hopefully I can catch back up quickly here the next 3-4 days.

Heres my update for the past two weeks. First for the full week of NFL #15/CFB #16:  We suffered a terrible day in CFB with a (1-4-1) but we had a decent bounce back with a (3-2) NFL Week 15. We lost our 1 1/2 UNIT-BEST BET but we Won our 2 1/2 UNIT-BEST BET in the NFL. This past week in CFB #17 we had a fantastic week going (4-1), Winning our first “3 UNIT-BEST BET” in over 3 years, with A+M cashing in nicely. In the NFL Week 16 we went a solid (2-1) finally having a winning week overall in both CFB and NFL too. So far we won our only CFB Bowl pick with BYU an EZ wire to wire Blowout winner. We will start to be in play in these Bowls in a much bigger way starting Xmas Day.

In College Hoops we really haven’t been in action now for the past 3 weeks, other then 1 play which we won in miraculous fashion when Villanova came back down double digits to steal a cover in final seconds and an easy winner on Iowa (-6 1/2) this week over Purdue.. We are now (7-1) on the 2020-21 season and (3-0) with 2 Unit “Best Bets”! I need to decide what my game plan is for the CBB season ahead the rest of the way as although the record has been good to us, I am totally not in any sync and I am not comfortable at all with the Covid situation and players at the last second not suiting up, often for just tracing purposes.

I want to wish you all a very Happy and SAFE Holiday season and pray none of you gets Covid or even the Flu as it can also be a real Killer. Take care of your health first and foremost as you do NOT want any part of the Hospital system right now. I hope all your wagers this week are all WINNING ones!

God Bless and c’mon baby Gooooo Redskins,

Gary Greene

Ps- I want to say “SUPER THANKS” to my amazing clients who helped me with donations all year long and enabled us to donate over 200 bikes and nearly 800 Toys for needy kids. I want to give a special Thanks to my buddies and my girlfriend who pitched in on my behalf as I wasn’t able to help out this time around. The best part of winning for my in my later years in this now crazy business is being able to give back even better than my early years. Hope Santa delivers at all your houses this week and remember it’s never too late to make a donation to a Homeless Shelter near you. You will be BLESSED forever ahead!




OVERALL:  ( 83 – 54 – 5)  = (60.5%)

COLLEGE FOOTBALL:  (44 – 31– 4) = (58.6%)

NFL:  (39 – 24) = (61.8%)

“BEST BETS”:  3 UNIT BEST BETS (1 – 0)  ~ “2-2 1/2” UNIT BEST BETS (8 –4)  ~  “1  1/2” UNITS BEST BETS (5 – 7)