Hello Gary/Bluebook Fans and Followers,

Well folks the most hyped and anticipated week of College Hoops came last week and although for the average Joe fan it was exciting and fun and now with most of USA able to bet legally, the betting on the first two rounds of the Big Dance and the two lower Tourney’s as well was the highest ever. TV ratings thru the roof and lots of stories of Bracket Busting and a few stunners as well. But in reality there weren’t any “stunners” from my view. I have said it all season long this was by far the worst College Hoops played in many years. And worst of all the Head Coaching has actually gotten worse. Guys so overhyped due to the big name on the front of the jersey they Coach proving over and over not many worth 1/5th the money they make. Most teams don’t even know how to run a “set play”. Top 20 teams who wouldn’t know a back door cut play if they watched the movie “The Hoosiers”.  All simply “Playground run and gun” ball with many teams truly thinking you get 5 points for a 3 point shot if your 7 foot Center is taking the (ill advised) shot. 

Last week was a chance to grow our very large bankroll due to so many games played in a 6-7 day span. For us it simply didn’t happen. We started the NIT Tourney on Tuesday night March 15th with a (1-4) night making for an uphill battle from Day one of the biggest watched and bet week of CBB all year long. We slowly grinded to finish the week with a whopping (sarcastic) overall week of (+1.05 UNITS) won. And to be honest it took some very good luck late our way in a few games and really even going down to the very last pick of the past week, Purdue (-3), needing to win or the week would’ve actually ended on the losing side overall. We went (2-2) with our “2 UNIT-BEST BETS” winning with Vermont, Miami-Fla in Round 1, losing Va. Tech in Round 1 and then losing Wisconsin in Round 2. We did win a few 1 1/2 Unit plays but this season we didn’t count them into the “Best Bet” department. 

You will forever here how the Elite teams like Gonzaga and Duke and Kansas (many others too) are greatly Coached. They really aren’t. They simply have much better overall talent then most opponents they face off against. Thankfully we saw a few of the very worst Head Coaches resign or be Fired. Although one man’s Junk is another mans Treasure so they all likely will find a new gig stealing more millions. 

Since I was a very young kid I have been a UCLA and Duke fan. I am not at all a fan of screaming Head Coaches but UCLA HC Mick Cronin can actually run some plays. Funny part of UCLA is you would think that the two best players are Juzang and Jaquez. They aren’t. The two best players are Tyger Campbell and Jules Bernard. Juzang has been awful for most part and unless he returns to 2021 form the Bruins are in trouble. Jaquez is a “Beast” but a very bad ankle now could put the ball into Juzang’s hands more. Gonzaga misses a ton of free throws and often just is completely out of control. Last year’s team was better. You gotta believe the TV folks are praying though to see Gonzaga/Duke to earn trip to the Final 4.  

Hopefully you all did better last week than I did (or my clients) and filled your pockets with Casino Sportsbook money. Hopefully we can have a much better winning week and finish this overall fantastic season on a high note.

Have a winning and safe weekend ahead and please never bet what you can’t afford to lose.

God Bless,

Gary Greene



(*Thru Mon. March 21st, 2022)


OVERALL: (200 – 125 – 2) ~ (61.5%)

BEST BETS (18 – 7)