Well one of the most important betting Tips is to always look beyond the final score of any game, especially ones you did not watch. There will be times will the numbers simply lie and can mislead your future thoughts, thinking possibly one team just whipped another team, because the final score may look out of whack. I will go over some of the more misleading games and stats from last week to get you more in tune what really happened.

IOWA STATE:  Won 72-20 but the Defense was on the field for 82 plays and they did allow 425 total yards. The yards don’t concern me as much as being on field that many plays. The good news is the First stringers didn’t play much in second half. One key factor is how many plays was a Unit on the field last week, moreso the Defensive Unit. Iowa State does have a big road game at Baylor but they surely will go in with an Offense that just threw up 714 total yards last week.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Defense on field for 87 plays last week, I didn’t double check but that may have been most for any Defensive Unit last week. Now they face Kentucky, but at least game is at Home.

TEMPLE: They lost in what looks like a beat down losing 38-22 but it was nothing close. They actually held Buffalo to only 279 total yards but the committed 4 costly turnovers. That final score one of the more misleading from last week as this Temple Defense is really, really good. They need to get run game going though or they will play in lots tight games. Their Defense should keep them in all their games ahead.

NORTH TEXAS:  I rarely see this in a box score. Team wins 45-3. But the Defense somehow on field 82 plays. Thanks to 4 turnovers the game got very lopsided.

UAB DEFENSE:  Last week vs. South Alabama the UAB Defense was only on field 47 plays. You can’t really be on field much less. I chart every game and I call Under 50 plays an IMMACULATE game. This bodes well for this week’s game as this Defense should be rested as most as possible. It’s only week 5 for most teams but staying healthy and rested and not heading into the following weeks game not on field for high amount of plays usually spells success the following week too. These smaller schools don’t have the same deep depth of the Bama’s and Clemson’s.

AKRON: This is one of the worst teams in the country. Last week the Defense was on the field for 95 plays. 95! Now somehow they are a TD favorite on the Road. WTF? Lucky for them they are playing another one of the worst teams, UMass. But no way in Hell you lay a TD on Road vs. anyone after being on field 95 plays and you have a terrible Offense to boot.

USC:  Last week USC pulled off two miracles. One they beat a top ranked Utah team, and two they did it with a third string QB, forced into play early on when the starting QB was hurt. But that win was very misleading. The USC Offense was only on field 54 plays. They basically hit 3 very big passing plays but other than that, this Offense struggled. This is supposed to be Running Back U….yet last week they rushed 22x for a meek 13 yards. 13 FREAKING YARDS.  The USC Defense also was on field 79 plays. Now they travel to a very tough spot, Univ. of Washington. They won’t pull another big Upset rushing for those numbers and the Defense did look tired late in game last week.

NEBRASKA/ILLINOIS: If you look only at final score, you see 42-38. Very close contest you would think if you didn’t watch game. But it wasn’t at all. Nebraska dominated both sides of the ball, out gaining the Illini, 690 total yards to 299. They out first downed the Orange 32-14. Nebraska turned it over 4x, keeping this game close. Illinois is not a good team, and they have one of worst Head Coaches in CFB in Lovie Smith.

VIRGINIA CAVS:  This is a very good team but last week they came out flat as a Pancake and fell behind early. They came back to win, but the Offense had a terrible game garnering only 240 total yards. They allowed only 270 total yards to Old Dominion. The Defense is smothering and fantastic vs. the Run, and also getting tons of Pressure on opposing QB’s. They actually lead the nation with 20 QB sacks. This Defense will keep them in every game, but this Offense better start running ball better as getting out played in actual plays (70-53) will not lead to more victories ahead then losses.

NORTHWESTERN: Always been a big fan of NW HC Pat Fitzgerald, working Houdini Magic every year without elite talent. But this season his Offense is simply HORRIFIC. QB is simply a terrible passer, the OL gets little push, and somehow last week with the Offense on the field for 81 Offensive snaps, they only gained 265 total yards. They don’t have many super studs and will usually win when they win the turnover battle. I don’t like any area of this NW Offense and when the QB is one of worst in nation, you won’t be cashing many tickets betting them ahead.

AUBURN DEFENSE: I was very impressed with this Unit stopping the run last week vs. A+M. This was first game I saw them flying around, gang tackling RB’s the entire game and holding A+M to just 56 rushing yards on 21 carries (2.7 YPR). This Unit came into the season supposedly one of the best. Before last week I didn’t see that fired up Unit of past few years. This Defense is loaded and may have finally woken up. If this is the case, look out rest of the SEC, as young QB Bo Nix only going to get better with each added game he plays in.

O.K. well that’s it for last week’s recap of games where you might be mislead by a final score. Always remember it’s never just the final score, but what actually happens in the game. Sometimes these final scores don’t come close to telling the true story of how that game played out.

Have a great new weekend of games and may all your wagers be WINNING ones.

God Bless,

Gary Greene