Well all my followers it’s been a while since my last CBB Picks update as my life was shaken upside down the past 3-4 months as my Hero, my Best Friend and my Loving Dad got Lung Cancer and then finally passed away. I am heart broken and  I am extremely Thankful CBB from February til the Final 4 is the easiest Sport to handicap. Once again we just went on a torrid streak during these two months and it was mostly thanks to the same dozen or so teams. Since our last update we went (109-67) winning 27 of our last 35 “Best Bets”, including a fantastic 13 straight Best Bet winners, finally losing one in the Sweet 16 games. We missed on only  a few teams this season in CBB and we nailed it from really Day 1 with a good ten or so. It was extra sweet to have the schedule makers playing the same match up back to back week in and week out. There were GEMS in the second match up over and over. I had another gigantic season making monster Profits but I may have even done a poor job not giving as many games as I should have. I was dialed in from day one and until a 3 days in Sweet 16 of March Madness when we basically split out over those 3 days.

I am happy to come into the Final 4 on a nice (5-1) run. It’s been a little extra fun this season as my UCLA Bruins have miraculously made it to the Final 4 with five straight wins in the Dance. I only have 4 of those five winners but it was exciting to see these kids win as a Dog over and over. I’d love to say I feel UCLA can beat the Zags here in the Final 4, but look folks Gonzaga is a NBA team right now. It’s been a mission for the entire season that the Title game pits Baylor vs. Gonzaga. If my Bruins pull this UPSET over Gonzaga I think it’s one of the 3 biggest Upsets of all time. I’d like to feel (+14) is supreme Value but folks the Zags win every game by double digits. No matter what happens when you are sitting on two gigantic bets on UCLA and Gonzaga both to win it all, I will head to Title game with a solid payday.

I want to say I hope you all had a wonderful WINNING CBB season this year. If you didn’t win this year, you may want to QUIT betting this Sport. Last I want to say “THANK YOU” to all my clients on board thru “PAY ONLY IF YOU WIN/COMMISSION ONLY” basis, who donated over $140,000 these past few months from part of their Profits. My Dad was a huge help to me with my many Charities and I know he was so appreciative. Nobody who paid me owed an extra cent beyond the Season cost or the deal we made on Commission. I am not sure what my future holds as the past few weeks it’s started to really hit me that my beloved Dad will no longer be here to talk to or to keep learning life lessons. Even though this season has been really fun and profitable, the end came at the right time. I have always loved my summer’s off following the Final 4,  but this summer is one I really need to do absolutely nothing but enjoy my KC Royals boyz and my hometown Phillies boyz as we got cheated last year. I am hoping Covid can get to point I can take my Mom on a few nice Vacations to Italy and Scotland to see many of her family members again.

I will do a final update next week and write a little bit about my Dad, who was simply not just a Hero to me, but to so many kids he helped in PAL Leagues, how many folks he helped teach Self Defense and how many lives he saved in Law Enforcement. For all you WOKE JOKES, the real Heroes are the Cops who risked their lives every single shift. If you somehow hate the Police with that joke line of “Cops are Racist” or they all are Bullies but you back Kneelers and these POS athletes who never once knelt to their own kind who beat their wives/girlfriends at a much, much, much higher rate then the few bad Cops out there, I hope you never call 911 in your lives ahead.

I want to wish you all a Happy Easter Holiday weekend and wish you all Stay SAFE.

God Bless,

Gary Greene