Well folks, first we hope you all had a fun, but safe, and healthy summer. This was by far my worst summer as losing my Dad to Lung Cancer in late February 2021, after his very long hard battle the past year or so, took a hard toll on my health and my mind. Other then a month visit back to my house in NJ, and a week trip to California to see some ballgames, it was a very quiet summer.  I had to do some soul searching if I could even come back this season. Until July I was thinking I was maybe done with working altogether. Some days in April and May I could barely get out of bed. June got a little easier seeing all my buddies back in NJ and then July I started back with 2 hour morning workouts and 1 hour workout at nights and pool swim laps in afternoon. After losing 17 pounds, I was able to get back on track late July and do a 3 week BootCamp to see if I could get fully back mentally and physically to come back for my 33rd season here. You have to be 110% “ALL IN” to do this job as it’s no days off for 5 months and 16 hour work days. So I tested myself with basic new year Prep work the first two weeks of August to see if I could or even want to give this new season a full go.

I have a few new things also in works and had to decide to go “ALL IN” or take the year (or even just flat out retire) if I couldn’t handle the mental and physical parts of this business. I decided to give it a run and I guess for first few weeks it’s a play by ear and hope I just mesh back into things I’ve done with ease the past 32 years.

Last year was one of my best Handicapping Season’s although I never really enjoyed any of it with my Dad so sick. I’ve had a great run the past 30+ years and even big winning weeks last year made me see the only real thing that matters is Family. You only get one Mom and one Dad. My Dad was best Dad ever. He served his 3 decades and to most my friends he was simply “SARGE”.  To me he was my HERO. He risked his life every day and never once did anything for him. It was always for everyone else. When I see now how half the messed up country hates the Police, I get so angry. These guys risk their lives every day to protect us all. Now the woke jokes all act like they don’t need Police help. Yet we all know every one has 911 on speed dial the second someone that scares them gets 20 feet away. If you hate the Hero Police, please never come back to my site again.

I am working with my Web Tech to add some Magazine stuff this season. Hopefully we will add video’s and podcasts, some daily and some weekly with a solid 1 hour Weekend Football Betting Preview in a podcast you can listen to likely Friday late Afternoon/Early Evenings.

If you are looking to join the “GAMEDAY PICKS CLUB” where you get all my weekly Football Selections (Bet/Picks) for this upcoming season please call me so I can get you signed up and I can explain in detail how it all works and help you with your Betting amount sizes. If you don’t have time to handicap and win on your own, call me and let my 32 years experience help make this Football season profitable. If you bet on your own, be sure to take advantage of my articles and podcasts/videos each week.

I hope you all have a wonderful new Football Season with all your wagers and may it be your biggest Winning season ever. Stay Safe and please never bet what you can’t afford to lose. And NO PARLAYS.

God Bless,

Gary Greene