Unless you are a fan of one of these two teams tonight, we got lucky as we get to witness one of the greatest possible days in all of sports, a Game 7 for all the marbles. How we got here is possibly the most insane, crazy, off charts wild way as the Road team has won all 6 games. For most part no game has really been that close. The winning team all 6 games dominated the game. Now a win tonight for each side puts you in the record books for eternity. Very few remember the losing team, but the winning team is World Champions, with a Parade and Huge Ring to savor forever. The loser gets really nothing, except a lifetime of “what if” and bad memories.

The story line of course got us one for the ages, and Nats Starting Pitcher, Max Scherzer, two days ago was ready to be put into a Nursing Home, as he couldn’t even dress himself. Tonight he will take the mound trying to give the Nats their very first World Series Title. I am happy for him as he is one of the most intense and hard working players in all of sports. Not one player wants to win more then he does. He is a true warrior, and now this story of waking up unable to barely move, may top the “bloody sock” Curt Schilling story if the Nats win tonight.

This game will likely be played like a high stakes chess match as both Managers have every Pitcher available, even if it’s for one batter to face. The Astros have no Lefties in the Pen, so they can’t really just try to use the lefty Pitcher to get out one key Nats lefty hitter. The Nats can, and likely will use that scenario, as they have a couple key times they could do it. But the two they would want to do it with, Corbin and Doolittle, they likely want to get more than just one out. Doolittle has been sensational vs. Lefty’s here in this series, as they are hitting only .221 so far. He’s also allowed only 6 hits in 10 1/3rd innings, and I feel strongly he will go two full inning tonight at some point. The Nats are in great shape as A. Sanchez can give a few innings as he’s well rested (4 days). Corbin on only 3 but tonight is the day most starters throw bullpen sessions anyway. They have Rainey and Hudson, both studs, so if they can even just grab 5 innings of Mad Max, they are fine to get thru the rest of the innings needed. I could see them saving Sanchez in case of extra innings, where he could pitch 4-5 extra’s if need be.

The Astros have the better Bullpen though, as their stud closer Osuna is well rested, easily able to go two full innings tonight. So far, Joe Smith and Osuna have both not allowed a run in 4 innings of work. Add in Harris and the 3 have allowed just 1 earned run combined the entire Series.

It’s funny where would the Astros be tonight without making the late season trade for superstud Zack Greinke. It’d be Wade Miley tonight ?? Ouch! Greinke is a Number 1 on over 20 other teams and here is he a number 3, just where he likes it. Hes quiet, and rarely do you see much emotion out of him. But tonight he’s pitching for a WS Title. The Astros are thrilled to have him. Look many will see his (0-2) post season record and (5.30) era. I see a guy who on any given night pitch a No hitter. His stuff when working is as filthy as it gets. He’s not gone deep his two starts of late, but in 9 innings of work he has only allowed (2) earned runs and has 11 K’s. If he pitches to that level tonight, the Astros will win. He simply needs to match Scherzer, who both likley go 5 innings tonight.

The crazy part that nobody can make sense of is how much a roller coaster it has been for both teams hitting. The Nats, on the Road at tonight’s venue, Minute Maid Park, in Games 1 and 2, went (7-21) with runners in scoring position. Then they go back to their own ballpark, and in Games 3-5, promptly go (1-21). That is almost impossible to even do, let alone at home. Then in a must win Game 6 last night, they go (2-6). Baseball is the craziest sport of them all, as you can always throw out yesterday’s game, as tonight it’s all brand new, and players simply always locked in.

Some interesting things to watch are who hits first home run tonight? You may ask is that a really big deal? Well in all this 2019 Postseason, the team who hits first Homer is (26-6).

LAVA HOT HITTER: The Astros have the hottest hitter in this Series in leadoff hitter George Springer. He is batting (.348) and has four “two hit” games and 6 extra base hit and even 6 walks too. He can really provide a headache to Max Scherzer, who struggles a bit from the stretch. The Astros are overdue for a big game from number 2 hitter Jose Altuve, but he’s one to shine in the most stressful moments. The Astros likely do not win tonight if both Springer and Altuve have a good hitting night. Alex Bregman has 3 homers and is always dangerous, but he’d be best served if those two are on base when he comes to bat. As for the Nats, it’s #3 stud Rendon and #4 Soto, who right now, you almost fully expect a hit from each, and hell at this point a bomb hit from both, every time they come up.

The Astros have won nearly 3/4 of their Home games at Minute Maid Park this year. How good have they been? How about the second best wRC (+125) of all time in MLB. That’s not just great even, that’s at insane off charts great level. They have lost all 3 home World Series games though so far. Can the Nats make it a 4 game sweep, with road team winning every game in a 7 game World Series? We will see it tonight. Make sure to get tons of snacks ready and make a plan for a good 4 hours plus as this game will be one long chess match, with both Managers able to use every Pitcher on their staff. I would doubt we see a Madison Bumgarner moment though with last night’s Nats stud Strasburg, as he emptied the gas tank.

FINAL PITCH: I can’t see how you bet this game with any “feeling good” about your bet as it’s as much of a toss up game as I’ve ever seen. I will say this, the way it’s gone so far, this one likely goes extra innings. But what a great way to end a long season. Of course if the Astros were to win in a last at bat or extra’s, they’d be winning in a walk off fashion that is second to none in a game ending fashion in any sport, unless some NBA player heaved a 3 pointer at buzzer. Even a guy kicking a FG to win at the last second isn’t as exciting as you are more time prepared ahead of time. This has been a strange Series, a true roller coaster so far by both teams. But tonight is when legends are made, and when losers are forgotten forever

Enjoy the game and best of luck whoever you bet. I had “UNDER 7 1/2” last night in Game 6, looked like I dodged a bullet and just might cash after all, only to see the Nats get a big hit, hit batter and third big two out at bat by Rendon, as he crushes ball to plate 2 and ends hope of cashing that ticket. I’ll sit back and enjoy this one and in a way be thankful my team isn’t playing in it, as Game 7 is too hard on the ticker. Best of luck if you are a real Astros or Nats fan. I will likely be a tad siding with the Nats, and the Astros have won it all once, and the Nats never. But you tip your hat to whoever wins, as it’s a really tough task winning a World Series, and both side will be more than deserving winners.

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Have a great night.

God Bless.

Gary Greene