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Gary Greene has been a long time Winning Professional Sports Bettor and Sports Handicapper in Las Vegas, the mecca of Sports Gambling, for over 30 years. He is also a Radio and TV Host/Analyst, as well as Sportswriter too, and he has won more Top Cash Winnings in the many Casino different Handicapping Contests then anyone else, all time. He is also the long time Publisher of the most talked about Weekly Sports Betting Football Magazine, “The BLUEBOOK”, also appearing in all the Casino Sportsbooks in Las Vegas. He has appeared in over a dozen Las Vegas Casino Sportsbooks, including many years at the Stardust Sportsbook, as well as Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood, Mandalay Bay, Stratosphere and the Westgate Superbook, just to name a few. He is one of the first Sports Handicappers ever in the Business, and is one of the most Respected in the Industry, on both sides of the Counter. He has been called “The Hardest Working Sports Bettor/Handicapper in the Business”, specializing in NFL, CFB and CBB as well. His Football Betting Magazine is the best “Cheatsheet” to use for all Sports Bettors betting on their own.

Gary’s “Bet Vegas Weekend Football Radio Preview Show(s)” have been one of  the most listened to in the Sports Handicapping Arena for 3 decades, with the most in depth Weekend Preview of all the CFB and NFL games, and majority of his information is from a “Betting Perspective”, to help Sports Bettors be more prepared when making any of their daily wagers.

Gary Greene is one of the very few Honest and Reputable Sports Handicappers, teaching people how to bet properly and with a strong “Money Management System”, stressing that “Betting on Sports” is NOT a get rich quick scheme. There are no fixed games or “inside information” in the Sports Betting world. From the first Football Game each season to the last College Hoops game played, Gary works an average of 16 hours a day. NFL, College Football and College Basketball are Gary’s 3 elite Sports to wager on. He has been a solid and very profitable long term Winning Sports Bettor in those 3 Sports for over 30 years. His Radio Shows, Web site and Weekly Betting Magazine “Free Picks” are the most Winning Sports Picks by any Sports Handicapper in the Handicapping Business, Winning over 60% over the past 30 years, over thousands of picks/sports wagers.

Gary has been involved in numerous Charity work/Fund Raising for 38 years, helping Sick Kids and many others in need. As well as being an avid Sports Fan, Gary likes to play Poker, go to Concerts/Shows, Classic Cars, Swimming/Beach, Tropical Vacations, and going to Sporting Events all over the country. He also enjoys spending time with his Family and Friends, most of which are not located in his now home City of Las Vegas.

Please always remember to “Never bet what you can’t afford to lose”. Use all of the information we supply you with to help you with your daily Handicapping of different Sports you may be betting on, as lots of it will help you to increase your overall Winning percentage.

Check back daily for new updated Stats, and also new articles and Free Picks as well. If you decide you don’t have the time to Handicap Sports on your own, but would like to wager on them this season, contact Gary to get his daily Sports Betting Picks, available through different packages for all types of Sports Bettors. We can’t guarantee any one pick or set of picks will win or be always profitable. We do guarantee we only give you the same picks/plays I already Bet on my own as well. We don’t play every Monday Night game or Thursday night game or major TV game in any sports just to be “in action”. We are very selective and for the most part beating the line at the time of releasing a selected Pick/Play. Also, to become a bigger winner overall betting Sports, you must have numerous places to get your wagers down at. We will give you referrals to some of the very Best Places if you are interested.

To contact Gary:  E-MAIL:  GaryGreeneWins@Gmail.com  or call:  1-800-587-BLUE (2583)

Enjoy the Web site and may all your sports wagers be “WINNING” ones. Enjoy the season and let’s make some money this new Football and Basketball Season ahead in 2021/2022.