First Year Head Coaches still in search of first Win:





Let’s take a look at these 4 win less so far new Head Coaches and see what one is possibly able to earn Win #1 this weekend. Arizona and Cinci are both playing on the Road and both do have some issues that will make winning this weekend a solid possibility. Miami is at Home but they could be playing on the Moon and it likely wouldn’t help how horribly they have played on both sides of the ball these first 3 weeks. Denver though of these 4 is at Home, after playing two of it’s first 3 on the Road. All their games have been close and losses to the Bears and Packers is no bad mark against them. Now they face a Jaguars team coming cross country with a lot of off field problems stemming from star Jalen Ramsey feud with Management. The Broncos actually played a dead even game on Road last week vs. Packers but they committed 3 costly turnovers that were the demise for that loss. The good news is the Broncos Defense was only on the field for 52 plays so they should be as fresh as you could be entering an NFL game.

There is so much downside too to this struggling on both sides of the ball Broncos team. First major problem, I have to admit I still can’t believe this is true, the Broncos Defense still has no sacks, NOT ONE, and no takeaways, NONE, ZERO, ZIPPO. That’s with their 2 super studs Chubb and Miller on the field for 96% of the plays so far. And worse this is with the supposed Defensive Genius Guru, now Head Coach, Vic Fangio. How in the Hell can this be the case? To me, biggest shocker of the 2019 season. But then you go to the other side of the ball and you see one of the worst OL’s in the NFL, allowing new QB Joe Flacco to be sacked 11x already and could be 15-16 but Flacco avoided the others just in time. Now Super Bowl winner Flacco comes into week 4 game vs. Jags win less in his last 6 starts, covering the spread just once. I thought Flacco was finally the answer for ole Johnnie Elway?

Cinci and Arizona have played some close contests so far. Nothing compared to Miami who is simply a disaster. The reason Arizona is win less is clearly one person only: HC Kingsbury. He is running basically the same Offense the Florida Gators ran with Tim Tebow. Always a quick pass to a wide out behind line of scrimmage, and unlike College where speed can turn those plays into big gainers, they aren’t gaining anything big. His Red Zone plays calls have been atrocious as well. The only part of Arizona as a team overall playing great is 75 year old WR Larry Fitzgerald. I can’t rip the Cards Defense too badly as they are playing without both starting and STUD CB’s. Hard to win in the NFL with two healthy CB’s let alone trying to win without two very solid stud CB’s. When your Defense is allowing 115 yards a game more than your Offense is gaining, you likely aren’t winning many games. Now the Cards face Seattle in a very winnable game but they will have to likely do it in a shootout and with young QB Murray passing for in the 400 yard range as Seattle’s Defense is #4 in the NFL vs. the Run allowing only 68 RYPG. Nobody makes more big pass plays than Seattle QB Wilson, who is surely licking his chops to get to the Desert to face a weak secondary.

The Bengals are getting lots of love this Monday Night, even though winless, getting just around 3-4 points, even though heading to Steeltown. Before the season this line was well over a TD. The Bengals have two giant problems. One side of the OL is banged up and likely to miss this game. They are also dead last rushing the ball in the NFL, gaining an almost impossible to average only 42 RYPG. QB Dalton has been pretty decent so far, and more amazingly since it’s been clear the team can’t run the ball and the Defenses are just playing the Pass. Their cause to get Win #1 isn’t helped by the Steelers still in search of Win #1 either. The good news for the Bengals to grab this first win is anytime you get two bottom 6 Defenses facing off, you both definitely should be able to move the ball and if you can score points, especially on the Road, if turnovers can fall your way, you can sneak out of town with a win.

The Dolphins are win less. They still will be win less after Sunday’s game vs. the Chargers. They are the worst Defense in league allowing an insane 500 total yards per game and they are 2nd worst Offense gaining a meek 222 yards per game. Listen folks Dan Marino and Nick Buoniconti, Paul Warfield and Larry Little ain’t walking thru that door to suit up Sunday. The only good move this new HC Flores has done thus far is make Josh Rosen the Starting QB. This kid has the tools and the fight in him, shame he has a bad OL and very little tools to shine.

All these win less teams are still looking for a win for a reason: ‘THEY HAVE NOT PLAYED WELL”.  I don’t think anyone is that shocked Miami and Cinci are (0-3), but the Broncos with that Defense and now Flacco at QB, that’s just shocking. For the Cards, if they keep running that silly Florida Gators Offense, they will be in for one long unhappy season.

Good luck to all 4 Head Coaches, as it’s surely been a ton of sleepless nights trying to get off that win less schneid. And same to the Broncos Defense, C’MON MAN get that first sack and first takeaway already, it’s week 4 already.

Have a great weekend…..we are off to a great start hitting both our CFB and NFL Thursday Night picks with the “OVER” cashing in the Navy/Memphis game and same with “OVER” cashing in easily in the Eagles/Packers game…..nothing better then a fast start to what looks to be a fantastic College Football Card on Saturday and our most plays so far on a Saturday too. Gonna be a fun one….time to make some more money and build that bankroll even more off this fantastic start to 2019.

God Bless and may all your wagers be WINNING ones.

Gary Greene