Hi Bluebook and Gary Greene followers,

Well folks another College Football Season is in the books and it was fun to end it on a big Winning note as Alabama (Best Bet) and “OVER 75” both cashed in, ending our first ever College Football Bowl Season winning all of our “Best Bets”. The NFL Wild Card weekend was also kind to us as our “Best Bet” Baltimore Ravens hung on to beat Tennessee and we also had a really nice straight up Dog winner with the Rams. We did miss a complete weekend sweep with a hard thud as the Steelers pick could easily be said lost on the very first snap of the game. Ouch! The upcoming NFL Playoff weekend isn’t screaming anything too great right now as weather concerns will likely take us until a few hours before these games kick off to really feel more confident about any regular plays, let alone any Best Bets. 

The College Hoops season had another easy winner with Michigan, a team we told you last week was really good. I now believe they are super elite and loaded for a good run rest of way. We imploded once again with two gigantic leads to go a very average (4-3) the past week. I am hoping now with College Football done and NFL down to limited games left to kick it up a notch in CBB but right now I am not fully sure that’s going to happen. Covid is completely wrecking this season and except for sending Michigan out again last week, the other 6 plays I had to think 5x before I finally hit the “SEND” button. This definitely won’t be a season we break any records or heck even come close to half our normal amount of plays. I am very intrigued to see how these now Back to Back games in same city by same two teams facing each other plays out going forward. I am expecting to get a few good spots to hit hard on the second of the two games. 

I wish you all a big WINNING weekend ahead and stay Safe and Healthy out there. 

God Bless,

Gary Greene



(**THRU all CFB Bowls /NFL Regular Season/NFL Wild Card weekend games/CBB Reg season – Jan. 14th, 2021)


OVERALL:  ( 101 – 66 – 5)  = (60.4%)

COLLEGE FOOTBALL:  (54 – 37– 4) = (59.3%)

NFL:  (47 – 30) = (61.0%)

“BEST BETS”:  3 UNIT BEST BETS (1 – 0)   ~   “2-2 1/2” UNIT BEST BETS (13 –4)    ~     “1  1/2” UNITS BEST BETS (7 – 7)



(17-9)  ~   (4-0 BEST BETS)