Ok folks, first thing you need to know is really outside ten CFB teams, the rest really aren’t anything to write home about.

This week is something we rarely see, no CFB tilts with both ranked. Last time this happened in 2017, well we say 7 ranked teams lose outright. I love College Football, but last week we got a great example of what I am talking about as Syracuse, a Top 25 teams, got beat by Maryland by 100 points. Ok I am just kidding with the 1oo points as the difference. Syracuse lost by 43 points as a ranked team. That should be your first indicator there will be lots more of that type of wild score this season and often even by teams ranked in the Top 25. 

I am not a big dog bettor of really bad teams. But I am very focused to see what Temple does this week at Home vs. this same Maryland team that just threw up 69 points, just one week after scoring 79 points. Will Maryland Offense go three weeks scoring an insane amount of points? Likely not that range as Temple has a very solid Defense. One thing you always need to equate for is who are teams scoring 50+ points against. Most time it’s really bad teams. So I am not going to go overboard super big on Maryland’s Offense just yet. This week’s game will show me all I need to know for likely the rest of this season, of course with no major injuries occurring. 

But folks this first key to gauging how good a team is: “what type of SPEED to they possess”?  Why is this important? Because SPEED KILLS and Speed rarely takes a game off. And one thing that I see out of Maryland’s Offense is: LOADED WITH GREAT SPEED. This team reminds of the old time Miami teams that were just laced up with elite speed players, especially on Offense. If they can have their way with Temple’s Defense on their home turf, then this team is going to be forced to be dealt with big time the rest of the way. 

Another team that since they play out (Far) West, Washington State, they get less attention then many other teams playing in the EST. This team is not only loaded with speed, but they are as deep at talent at Wide Receiver then almost any other team. Any we all know HC Mike Leach loves to throw the ball all over the yard. The Pac-12 doesn’t have many teams with strong Defenses so you can be sure this Cougars Offense will score points, early and often, every single week. 

We are off to a flying start to the new 2019 season, going (9-4-1) in College Football and we are thrilled to see our “Totals” start out at (4-0) as the past two years we were only a few games over the .500 mark with our once just off charts 60%+ in prior years. Our NFL, which has possibly been the best of anyone in the country the past 8 years, is off to a (4-2) start, going (3-1) with our Totals. Happy with the (13-6-1) start, and even losing Northwestern (+6 1/2) in week 1 on a freak fumble in final seconds costing us that win and then pushing Fresno State in week 2 (+3 vs. Minny), pushing with it’s heartbreaking 3 point loss, we know those things usually work their way out in end to a 50-50 mark in wacky (bad beat) finishes and so the God’s owe us at least one so far. 

Have a great week as we are ready to rock and roll with a big Week 3 in CFB and Week 2 in NFL. As always, do NOT solely make any bet this week simply off what you witnessed last week in the NFL (especially). Pitt, Bears, Falcons and Browns all looked bad in Week 1. The Steelers couldn’t have looked worse. But this is the NFL baby and good teams get super focused off a terrible loss. Lucky for Pitt and Atlanta they head home to play Week 2 games, and the Brownies catch a break with QB Darnold being out with Mono. The Bears face the toughest task going on Road to face Denver, also off a Loss. But always remember, last week’s action, good or bad, is last week. Don’t give too much credit or take a team off your thoughts to bet this week just because they had a terrible game last week.


Gary Greene