Well for a very rare time, after a winning Thursday, and in this case winning both our CFB and our NFL play, the weekend didn’t come thru causing a small losing week overall.

In College Football we started with a nice win on Navy/Memphis- “OVER”, but then threw out some of our worst clinkers of our career on Saturday. Nebraska was a total no show, which was shocking to me playing at Home to a sellout night crowd. But it was Mismatch City from the get go. Many say they’d rather lose in blowout fashion, but not me. I missed the bulls eye here by about 20 miles. We finished Saturday with a (3-5-1) day, taking a tough Push on Liberty (-7), as they allowed a 93 yard drive to finish the game out to win by 7 in a game they completely dominated. That Push felt like a loss. So (4-5-1) overall CFB week puts us at (20-14-2), with still a perfect record on CFB “Best Bets” at (3-0). CFB “Totals” now stand (6-2) with sides only (14-12-2).

The NFL week started nicely with Eagles/Packers easily going “OVER”, but then the Broncos collapse turned a winning week overall in NFL into a (3-3) week. We did lose our only “Best Bet” as the Total between Seattle/Arizona – “OVER” fell short as two missed FG’s early by Arizona and the continued Offensive struggles by the Cardinals to score TD’s in close, crushed any hopes of cashing that ticket. NFL overall now stands at (13-8) with (5-5) sides and (8-3) Totals. We have lost both NFL “Best Bets” this season.

Well September had some nice moments, and the Totals have been dead on so far, helping lead way to a (33-22-2) overall record with (3-2) on “Best Bets”. We definitely need to pick it up a notch and get on a hot streak again. For all those that were on board the one week $149 Special last week, all our picks in both CFB and NFL will be sent however you got them last week at no charge.

Hope you all enjoy start of NHL season this week, the MLB Playoffs and lots more Football. Be sure to use all our Free Betting Stats from our weekly Football Betting Magazine as we’ve now made it even easier to print all the CFB or all the NFL pages in one easy click of your keyboard. The NFL Scoring by Quarters, which has always been a really valuable tool, is now with 4 full weeks in the books. See how a team like the Rams has been money OVER in the second half’s so far, scoring 78 points in just the second half this season. We also now have all the RED ZONE numbers for every CFB team, and to me, it’s one of the most valuable tools to use handicapping CFB.

Hope you all have a big WINNING week ahead. Go Flyers, Go Vegas Golden Knights and #RIP Redskins.

Gary Greene