TWO SNEAKY GOOD TEAMS FACE OFF IN THE GATOR BOWL IN NICE THURSDAY NIGHT BOWL TV SPECIAL!   VEGAS BETTING ODDS:  TENNY VOLS (-2 1/2) vs. INDIANA HOOSIERS ~  TOTAL: (54 1/2)   TENNESSEE VOLS OFFENSE (#100) ~ (145 RUSH, 220 PASS)    vs.   INDIANA HOOSIERS DEFENSE (#36) ~ (139 RUSH, 212 PASS allowed) INDIANA OFFENSE (#31) ~ (135 RUSH, 309 PASS)  vs.  TENNESSEE DEFENSE (#27) ~ (146 RUSH, 191 PASS allowed) INDIANA (8-4) ATS  --  (7 "OVERS"  - 4 "UNDERS")     ***   TENNESSEE (6-5) ATS  -- (4 "OVERS" - 7 "UNDERS")   OK folks raise your hand if you guessed Indiana had an Offense and Defense both ranked in the 30's? Next tell the truth how many of you saw Tenny getting a Bowl bid after opening season (1-4) and talk of the Head Coach basically minutes away from being Fired? Most of the Bowls are now finished and we've seen some really good match ups and I have to say this is as really dead even a Match up going in as any so far this Bowl ... More


DUCKS FACE OFF AGAINST BADGERS IN THE GRAND DADDY OF THEM ALL TO START NEW YEAR OFF WITH A BANG!   VEGAS BETTING ODDS:  WISCONSIN (-3)  vs. OREGON  ~  TOTAL: (51 1/2) OREGON OFFENSE (#25) ~ (183 RUSH, 267 PASS)  vs. WISCONSIN DEFENSE (#9) ~ (102 RUSH, 191 PASS allowed) WISCONSIN OFFENSE (#35) ~ (240 RUSH, 201 PASS)  vs. OREGON DEFENSE (#22) ~ (106 RUSH, 228 PASS allowed)   Well folks the Rose Bowl got themselves one helluva match up as these two teams will send out studs all over the field. I have no idea how these two teams though can match the wild and exciting finishes of the last 3 Rose Bowls (28-23, 54-48 in 3 Overtimes and 52-49) but I have a feeling this game won't disappoint. By the stats you have two loaded Defenses that shut down the run. Two QB's who rarely get picked off. One superstar RB and the other side with two pretty close to superstar status. Defensive stud play makers who definitely will play on Sunday and then two fantastic ... More


FINAL COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAME OF DECADE PITS UTAH vs. TEXAS IN SAN ANTONIO!   VEGAS BETTING ODDS:   UTAH (-7) vs. TEXAS  ~  TOTAL: (54 1/2) TEXAS OFFENSE (#15) ~ (172 RUSH, 296 PASS)  vs.  UTAH DEFENSE (#3) ~ (70 RUSH, 186 PASS allowed) UTAH OFFENSE (#36) ~ (207 RUSH, 235 PASS)  vs. TEXAS DEFENSE (#108) ~ (140 RUSH/ 306 PASS allowed)   Well things worked out well in many ways for Texas to be playing in a very solid Bowl Game, as Oklahoma went to CFB Playoff and Baylor took Sugar Bowl, leaving this game to Texas and a chance to play nearby in San Antonio, where they likely will fill the Stadium with their fans, making it a big payday for the Alamo Bowl heads. Utah was really just one final win over Oregon in the Pac-12 Title game from playing in the Final 4 of the CFB Playoff. But one thing happened, Utah got bombed by Oregon and had to settle for this Bowl game instead. One thing it's often hard to determine is what teams are excited and what teams ... More


ILLINOIS GOES TO FIRST BOWL GAME UNDER HC SMITH TO FACE CAL BEARS ON THEIR HOME TURF! VEGAS ODDS:  CALIFORNIA (-6) vs. ILLINOIS  ~  TOTAL: (46 1/2) ILLINOIS OFFENSE (#119) ~ (142 RUSH, 177 PASS)  vs.  CAL DEFENSE (#63) ~ (123 RUSH, 262 PASS allowed) CAL OFFENSE (#117) ~ (132 RUSH, 191 PASS)   vs.  ILLINOIS DEFENSE (#71) ~ (196 RUSH, 197 PASS allowed) Well folks this isn't one of the more juicy or fun type of Bowl match ups this year as we have two of the worst 13 Offenses in all of CFB facing off against each other. Give credit to Illinois HC Lovie Smith for doing something I never saw coming: a Bowl Bid. This guy is one of the worst Head Coaches in CFB today and it's truly a miracle he got this team to a Bowl. Not like (6-6) is much to hang your hat on, but hey he got them here. On the other side, the Cal Bears have one of the brightest young Head Coaches in Justin Wilcox. His team finished (7-5), but caught some bad luck when his top QB got hurt after a great ... More


TIME TO GET IT ON - COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF (SEMI'S) FINALLY HERE !   VEGAS ODDS: LSU (-13 1/2 ) vs. OKLAHOMA ~  TOTAL: (76) CLEMSON (-2 1/2) vs. OHIO STATE ~  TOTAL: (62 1/2)   LSU OFFENSE (#2) ~ (167 RUSH, 387 PASS)  vs. OKLAHOMA DEFENSE (#24) ~ (132 RUSH, 199 PASS allowed) OKLAHOMA OFFENSE (#1) ~ (251 RUSH, 303 PASS)  vs. LSU DEFENSE (#31) ~ (120 RUSH, 222 PASS allowed)   CLEMSON OFFENSE (#3) ~ (253 RUSH, 295 PASS)  vs. OHIO STATE DEFENSE (#2) ~ (100 RUSH, 148 PASS allowed) OHIO STATE OFFENSE (#5) ~ (272 RUSH, 259 PASS)  vs. CLEMSON DEFENSE (#1) ~ (106 RUSH, 139 PASS allowed)     LSU:  (9-3) ATS -  (7 OVERS, 5 UNDERS) OKLAHOMA:  (5-8) ATS  -  (3 OVERS, 8 UNDERS)  ~  Note: Last 4 all Unders   CLEMSON:  (10-2) ATS  -  (5 OVERS, 7 UNDERS)  ~  Note: (7-0 ATS last 7 games this season) OHIO STATE: (10-3) ATS  -  (7 OVERS, 6 UNDERS)  Three Unbeaten teams that may be 3 of the best all ... More


THE COWBOYS TRAVEL TO TEXAS TO FACE THE AGGIES IN A BATTLE OF SOME SOLID QB'S! VEGAS ODDS:  TEXAS A+M (-5 1/2 or -6) vs. OKLAHOMA STATE ~  TOTAL: (54)   OKLAHOMA ST OFFENSE (#17) ~ (236 RUSH, 228 PASS)  vs. TEXAS A+M DEFENSE (#32) ~ (129 RUSH, 212 PASS allowed) TEXAS A+M OFFENSE (#71) ~ (152 RUSH, 247 PASS)  vs. OKLAHOMA STATE DEFENSE (#86) ~ (151 RUSH, 267 PASS allowed) This Bowl match up is one of the more intriguing ones as both teams have some really talents stars who have bright futures. Texas A+M may be one of the harder handicaps this Bowl season as they come in just (7-5), but they lost those 5 games to teams ranked in the Top 10, with three the Number 1 team in country on the week they faced them. They played the toughest schedule in the nation and when you put a really average at best Offensive Line on the field you weren't likely to beat any of those loaded Top 10 teams. Oklahoma State did have an off game in their season finale vs. rival Oklahoma, ... More


THURSDAY'S DEC 26TH CFB BOWL GAMES ARE TWO TOILET BOWLS!   VEGAS ODDS:   MIAMI, FLA. (-6 1/2 or -7)  vs. LA. TECH   ~   TOTAL: (50) MIAMI-FLA OFFENSE (#90) ~ (122 RUSH, 257 PASS)  vs. LA. TECH DEFENSE (#68) ~ (143 RUSH, 248 PASS allowed) LA. TECH OFFENSE (#30) ~ (168 RUSH, 277 PASS)  vs. MIAMI-FLA DEFENSE (#13) ~ (110 RUSH, 198 PASS allowed)   PITTSBURGH (-11 1/2 or -12) vs. EASTERN MICHIGAN ~ TOTAL: (49) PITT OFFENSE (#93) ~ (121 RUSH, 252 PASS)  vs. EASTERN MICHIGAN DEFENSE (#92) ~ (202 RUSH, 226 PASS allowed) EASTERN MICHIGAN OFFENSE (#66) ~ (122 RUSH, 281 PASS)  vs.  PITT DEFENSE (#11) ~ (107 RUSH, 196 PASS allowed) It's always nice to have a few Bowl games in action on a day normally now of no action, but the Bowl Gods did us no favors with two really terrible match ups. We will see just one Offense Thursday ranked in the top half of all CFB teams. We will get to see two Top 13 Defenses. These 4 teams spent Christmas away ... More


OLD RIVALRY RENEWED AS BYU TAKES ON HAWAII IN NICE XMAS EVE BOWL GAME SPECIAL!   LAS VEGAS ODDS:  BYU (-2 1/2)  vs. HAWAII  ~    TOTAL: (65 1/2) BYU OFFENSE (#40) ~ (153 RUSH, 286 PASS)   vs.  HAWAII DEFENSE (#91) ~ (201 RUSH, 225 PASS allowed) HAWAII OFFENSE (#14) ~ (143 RUSH, 326 PASS)  vs. BYU DEFENSE (#62) ~ (181 RUSH, 204 PASS allowed) We get a nice treat on an otherwise quiet sports day and we even get a nice fun Bowl Game as it's always nice watching a game with 80+ temp and sunny when half country freezing their asses off. Plus we get an old time big rivalry game between BYU and Hawaii.  BYU saved it's season with a nice second half and Hawaii shoots for it's first 10 win season in a long while. Let's face it neither is an upper echelon team in the overall CFB ranks, but both possess some exciting talent and this game should be exciting. BYU got some good news getting it's best QB back in fold a month ago, Zach Wilson, who now is likely as ... More


CAN VIKINGS KIRK COUSINS WIN HIS FIRST EVER MNF GAME vs. PACKERS: (0-8) LIFETIME!   VEGAS ODDS:  MINNY VIKINGS (-5) vs. GREEN BAY PACKERS  ~  TOTAL: (47 1/2) GREEN BAY OFFENSE (#21) - (107-230)  vs. MINNY VIKINGS DEFENSE (#14) - (99 RUSH, 240 PASS allowed) MINNY VIKINGS OFFENSE (#10) - (136 RUSH/237 PASS) vs. GREEN BAY DEFENSE (#23) - (121 RUSH, 250 PASS allowed)   Well folks it's no secret that once again the spotlight for a huge Prime Time TV game (this time on Monday Night game) hits Vikings QB Kirk Cousins. Unless you have been in a coma for past 5 years you would know although Cousins has been paid like a Top 3 QB who has won Titles and at worst many Playoff games and Big games. But truth is this bum has never won anything. Not even one big game. He has a handful of wins in his career vs. teams with a winning record. He is (0-8) on Monday Nights and he lost his only Playoff start ever. Plain and simple he can win when there is no pressure and when ... More


COWBOYS AND EAGLES BATTLE IT OUT FOR NFC EAST TITLE! LAS VEGAS BETTING ODDS:  DALLAS (-2) @ PHILLY   ~   TOTAL: (46) DALLAS COWBOYS (#1) OFFENSE (134 RUSH, 300 PASS)  vs.  PHILLY EAGLES (#9) DEFENSE (90 RUSH, 239 PASS allowed) PHILLY EAGLES (#16) OFFENSE (121 RUSH, 232 PASS)  vs. DALLAS COWBOYS (#8) DEFENSE (104 RUSH, 220 PASS allowed) FIRST MEETING IN 2019 @ DALLAS:   DALLAS WON 37-10 Hard to believe, but someone has to win this game (well we hope) and that team will actually go over .500 and unless a nightmare in Week 17 the winner will not only win the NFC East, but they will actually get a week off to rest as they grab a nice "BYE" and they will likely be hosting a team with a much better overall record. For much of the season it seemed like nobody wanted to win the East. But very big wins by both last week bring us to Philly's Lincoln Financial Field in a winner salvages a terrible season and a loss sends loser home with tons of questions to answer ... More