Well folks the NFL welcomed 7 new Head Coaches to the league and they all went home on the short end of the stick. Seven disappointing debuts and for a few, that same experience will be the norm every Sunday night as they walk off the field. You have to feel bad for Titans HC Mike Vrabel, who had to endure 2 delays and 7 plus hours before the game was decided. Now he has a mess on his hands with Mariota already injured. I am not a Mariota fan at all, but facing this one week in for a new HC trying to get some things in motion is just terrible news for Vrabel. He also lost his top TE for the season in Game 1, and trust me folks, veteran guys who can play don't grow on trees to pick up in week 2. The long awaited return of Jon Gruden to the Raiders was great for a half, heck even 3 quarters, until the bottom fell out in the fourth and a close game turned quite ugly. Trading your best player (K. Mack) a few days before opener is as asinine as I've ever seen and now knowing your QB ... More


NFL WEEK 1 FINAL A.T.S. RESULTS: (8 DOGS)  *** (6 FAVORITES)  *** (1 PUSH)  *** (*6 DOGS WON STRAIGHT UP) *** (8 OVERS) *** (7 UNDERS) ***   More

An NFL “HAT TRICK”? One of my “Sleepers” as well! (*8/28/18)

Well the NFL Preseason games are pretty much worthless in the grand scheme of things, as evidence of the perfect (4-0) season put forth by the "17 Browns team last year. But on Thursday we have a team possible of sweeping it's third straight NFL Preseason slate. That team, the Baltimore Ravens, have a chance to pull a Hat Trick, and adding a cherry on top this time around as they are playing their fifth Preseason game due to playing the extra week in the Hall of Fame Game. If they win Thursday, that makes HC John Harbough's team perfect for three straight years. That's one heckuva job. The Ravens are one of my "NFL SLEEPER TEAMS" for 2018. I really love this Defense as everyone returns and I feel QB Flacco is fully healthy and what was once one of the leaguest weakest Wide Receiver/Tight End groups, is now actually very formidable. With one of the leagues best Kickers as well, this team now finally healthy across the board should be one of the teams making some big noise in the ... More


NEW 2018 FOOTBALL Season Update: We will be loading all last years Key STATS in the next week, as we finish them. Check back daily to get ready for Week 1 in both CFB and the NFL. We also will add new weekly articles, recaps of the weekend action and also "Bad Beats of the Week" and "Stock Up/Stock Down", along with some other helpful Betting Information. More