VEGAS BETTING LINE: KC CHIEFS (-1 or -1 1/2) vs. SF NINERS  ~  TOTAL: (54 or 54 1/2)   S.FRAN FACED IN PLAYOFFS:  GB #18 OFF/#18 GB DEF   ~  MINNY #16 OFF/#14 DEF K.C. FACED IN PLAYOFFS: HOUSTON #13 OFF/#28 DEF   ~  TENNY #12 OFF/#21 DEF   S. FRAN OFFENSE: #4  (144 RUSH, 237 PASS)  ~  DEFENSE: #2  (113 RUSH, 169 PASS allowed) K.C. OFFENSE:   #6 (98 RUSH, 281 PASS)  ~  DEFENSE: #17 (128 RUSH, 221 PASS allowed) OK folks the Big game is just about here and really the two best teams made it. The biggest winner of this elite match up is the Sports books across the country. You have the Classic "Run" vs. "Pass" match up in what will come down to the best chess match played all year long not actually played on a actual chess board. You have "Old" vs. "Young" with the two Head Coaches. You have a zillion extra ways to bet this game with the PROPS posted for every player and so no longer is this game just fun for betting a Side or ... More


YOUNG GUN QB FACING OFF vs. THE OLD GUN QB FOR TICKET TO THE SUPER BOWL!   VEGAS BETTING ODDS:  SAN FRAN NINERS (-7 1/2) vs. GREEN BAY PACKERS  ~  TOTAL: (46 1/2) GREEN BAY PACKERS (#18) OFFENSE: (112 RUSH, 233 PASS) vs. SF NINERS (#2) DEFENSE: (113 RUSH, 169 PASS allowed) SAN FRAN NINERS (#4) OFFENSE: (144 RUSH, 237 PASS) vs. GREEN BAY PACKERS (#18) DEFENSE: (120 RUSH, 233 PASS allowed)   OK folks we head to the final game to decide the winner of the NFC and what team will represent in this years Super Bowl in Miami in 2 weeks. We got the #1 seed and the #2 seed so nobody crashed the party in this Conference this season to via for a shot at a Super Bowl Golden Ticket. In a league full of young stud QB's it's only fitting this game has one of them playing in the game. Of course it's also fitting we do see an old school QB as well, as only one of the Grey Beards made it to this years Final 4. Funny if they asked many of you which of these two QB's, Niners ... More


CAN THE TITANS WIN ON ROAD AGAIN AND SHOCK THE WORLD UPSETTING CHIEFS IN TITLE GAME?   VEGAS BETTING ODDS:  KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (-7 or -7 1/2)  vs. TENNESSEE TITANS  ~  TOTAL: (52) TENNY TITANS (#12) OFFENSE: (139 RUSH, 224 PASS) vs. KC CHIEFS (#17) DEFENSE: (128 RUSH, 221 PASS allowed) KC CHIEFS (#6) OFFENSE: (98 RUSH, 281 PASS) vs. TENNY TITANS (#21) DEFENSE: (105 RUSH, 255 PASS allowed)   We are now down to the NFL's version of the Final 4 as we are left with 4 teams vying for the two mostly coveted tickets handed out in all of the NFL each season. This is it, win and you got to the Super Bowl, hence the biggest game of mostly every player on the field this Sunday. The AFC Title game presents us with two basically opposite Offenses as one loves to run and just beat you physically to a pulp and the other with prolific passing attack to some of the speediest wide outs we've ever seen in the NFL. What it comes down to though is what style of Offense will ... More


TWO BEST TEAMS FACE OFF FOR NATIONAL TITLE IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL!   VEGAS BETTING ODDS:  LSU TIGERS (-5 or -5 1/2) vs. CLEMSON TIGERS ~  TOTAL: (68/68 1/2) CLEMSON OFFENSE (#3) ~ (253 RUSH, 295 PASS)  vs.  LSU DEFENSE (#31) ~  (120 RUSH, 222 PASS allowed) LSU OFFENSE (#2) ~  (167 RUSH, 387 PASS)   vs.  CLEMSON DEFENSE (#1) ~  (106 RUSH, 139 PASS allowed) A way too long College Football Bowl Season finally ended and in the CFB Playoff Final 4 we saw one fantastic game and one blowout laugher. In the end though the two best teams in the country made it to the National Title game, one that will become the largest bet College Football game this entire season, maybe ever. And even though Clemson is the Defending Champ and they come in with the #1 Defense and the #3 Offense in the nation, they are the Underdog in this game. I'd bet anything we will never see this ever happen again. The Sports books are the biggest winners, and the winner of this game are almost a ... More


CAN HOUDINI PULL OFF ANOTHER PLAYOFF UPSET IN THE FROZEN TUNDRA IN GREEN BAY?   VEGAS BETTING ODDS:  GREEN BAY PACKERS (-4) vs. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS  ~  TOTAL: (45 1/2)   SEAHAWKS OFFENSE — OVERALL (8), RUSH (4), PASS (14)  ----- 138 RUSH, 237 PASS SEAHAWKS DEFENSE — OVERALL (26), RUSH (22), PASS (27)  --- 118 RUSH, 264 PASS allowed PACKERS OFFENSE — OVERALL (18), RUSH (15), PASS (17)  ---  112 RUSH, 233 PASS PACKERS DEFENSE — OVERALL (18), RUSH (23), PASS (14) --- 120 RUSH, 233 PASS allowed   OK folks it's always a treat two watch two Magician QB's who are simply human highlight films and Sunday's final NFL Playoff 8 game pits the Houdini Russ Wilson and the Ice Water in his Veins Aaron Rodgers. These two will face off against each other for the eight time with Wilson up on Rodgers 4-3, but all 4 wins were in Seattle as Wilson is 0-3 at Green Bay. Seattle is also 0-8 at Green Bay and 0-2 in Playoff games at Lambeau Field. ... More


TALE OF TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT DEFENSES IN PLAY AS CHIEFS HOST TEXANS IN FINAL 8 PLAYOFF DOOZIE!   LAS VEGAS BETTING LINE: KC CHIEFS (-9 1/2 or -10)  hosting Houston Texans  ~   TOTAL: (51 1/2) TEXANS OFFENSE — OVERALL (13), RUSH (9), PASS (15)   --- (126 RUSH, 236 PASS) TEXANS DEFENSE — OVERALL (28), RUSH (25), PASS (29) --- (122 RUSH, 267 PASS allowed) CHIEFS OFFENSE — OVERALL (6), RUSH (23), PASS (5)  --- (98 RUSH, 281 PASS allowed) CHIEFS DEFENSE — OVERALL (17), RUSH (28), PASS (8)  --- (128 RUSH, 221 PASS allowed)   HOUSTON (10-6) ~ (5-3 AWAY) ~ (5-2-1 ATS Away)   ****  KANSAS CITY (12-4)  ~ (5-3 HOME)  ~ (4-3-1 ATS Home) WEEK 6 FINAL:  Houston beat KC at Arrowhead 31-24 and had a gigantic (39:48 mins to 20:12 mins Time of Possession advantage).   Well this is a very intriguing match up up two new young stud QB's picked a handful of picks apart in same Draft a few years ago. Both have shown they are a force to ... More


CAN THE TITANS PICK OFF A SECOND STRAIGHT MONSTER UPSET WIN AT TOP SEED BALTIMORE?   VEGAS BETTING ODDS:  BALTIMORE RAVENS (-9 1/2) vs. TENNY TITANS   ~   TOTAL: (47) TENNY TITANS #12 OFFENSE (139 RUSH, 224 PASS)  vs. BALTY RAVENS #4 DEFENSE (93 RUSH, 208 PASS allowed) BALTY RAVENS #2 OFFENSE (206 RUSH, 201 PASS) vs. TENNY TITANS #21 DEFENSE (105 RUSH, 255 PASS allowed)   This is one of the most intriguing games I've handicapped all season. There are so many different intangibles and you can make a really good case for both teams. I'll start by saying I am stunned how Baltimore has not been the talk of the league after the insanely off charts fantastic season they had in the regular season. They didn't just have a great season, they completely dominated the entire league. We really only hear QB Lamar Jackson's name when we hear Ravens speak but this team is loaded top to bottom. Jackson deserves every credit earned as he just was a Man among Boys this ... More


CAN KIRK COUSINS WIN 2 STRAIGHT BIG GAMES AND KNOCK OFF THE #1 SEED NINERS ON ROAD?   VEGAS BETTING LINE:   SAN FRAN NINERS (-7) vs. MINNY VIKINGS   ~  TOTAL: (44 1/2) VIKINGS OFFENSE — OVERALL (16), RUSH (6), PASS (23). VIKINGS DEFENSE — OVERALL (14), RUSH (13), PASS (15). 49ERS OFFENSE — OVERALL (4), RUSH (2), PASS (13). 49ERS DEFENSE — OVERALL (2), RUSH (17), PASS (1).   Well folks the Wild Card weekend had some really great games and some shocking Upsets as well so the Final 8 games will be hard to match as far as down to wire exciting. One of the teams who pulled off a Huge Upset win was the Vikings and to me it's one of the most shocking Upsets of all time. Kirk "Never Won a Big Game" Cousins led his team to a big Playoff win and now the entire world feels he's Great and he's over the Hump with his one big win of his entire career. Sports are the greatest. You win and you are simply a superstar. Even if you are 1 for 16 in Big ... More


BRAGGING RIGHTS BOWL GAME PITTING S.MISSISSIPPI vs. TULANE SAT. MORNING KICKOFF!   VEGAS ODDS:  TULANE (-7)  vs. S. MISSISSIPPI  ~  TOTAL: (56 1/2)   S. MISS OFFENSE (#59) ~ (122 RUSH, 289 PASSING)  vs.  TULANE DEFENSE (#55) ~ (165 RUSH, 214 PASS allowed) TULANE OFFENSE (#24) ~ (250 RUSH, 205 PASS)  vs.  S. MISS DEFENSE (#37) ~ (112 RUSH, 239 PASS allowed) Well folks bragging rights will be on the line as two teams separated by just 111 miles will be facing off in the Armed Service Bowl in Ft. Worth, Texas where the weather should be really nice. On one side we have S. Mississippi that either wins big or loses big, nothing in between at all. I don't recall ever seeing these type splits. Only one of 7 wins by less than 2 TD's and all 5 losses by no less than 15 points. WTF?  Tulane somewhat same as all 6 wins by TD or more and 3 losses by 17 or more. Tulane did lose close games to very solid Offensive Teams Central Florida and Navy, both by just 3 ... More


NFL WILD CARD WEEKEND:  HERE ARE YOUR OFFENSE/DEFENSE MATCH UPS FOR EACH GAME!   BUFFALO BILLS @ HOUSTON TEXANS (-3) ~ TOTAL (43 1/2) BUFFALO OFFENSE (#24) ~ (128 RUSH, 202 PASS)   vs.  HOUSTON DEFENSE (#28) ~ (122 RUSH, 267 PASS allowed) HOUSTON OFFENSE (#13) ~ (126 RUSH, 236 PASS)   vs. BUFFALO DEFENSE (#3) ~ (103 RUSH, 195 PASS allowed)   TENNESSEE TITANS @ NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS  (-5) ~ TOTAL: (44 1/2) TENNESSEE OFFENSE (#12) ~ (139 RUSH, 224 PASS)  vs.  NEW ENGLAND DEFENSE (#1) ~ (96 RUSH, 180 PASS allowed) NEW ENGLAND OFFENSE (#15) ~ (107 RUSH, 248 PASS)  vs.  TENNESSEE DEFENSE (#21) ~ (105 RUSH, 255 PASS allowed)   MINNESOTA VIKINGS @ NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (-7 1/2) ~ TOTAL: (49 1/2) MINNESOTA OFFENSE (#16) ~ (133 RUSH, 220 PASS)  vs. NEW ORLEANS DEFENSE (#11) ~ (91 RUSH, 242 PASS allowed) NEW ORLEANS OFFENSE (#9) ~ (109 RUSH, 265 PASS)  vs. MINNESOTA DEFENSE (#14) ~ (108 RUSH, 234 PASS allowed)   SEATTLE ... More