Baseball has always been a streaky game, and we’ve seen some amazing ones over the years. But to see a Pitcher go out and not lose a start for 24 straight games, that is truly stuff for the ages. Houston Astros Starting Pitcher for Game 3 on Tuesday late afternoon in the Bronx, Gerrit Cole, has done something we likely won’t ever see again. He is (18-0) in those last 24 straight starts, and now has at least (10) K’s in his last (11) straight starts, with (135) K’s in this sensational streak. His last start he went 7 2/3 innings with 15 K’s and a win over the Rays. He is now nearly unhittable. He has all his pitches working and he now has hitters “guessing” on nearly every pitch. He has now reached a level of Pitching we see once every decade. He faced the Yankees once this season, in April, getting a 6-3 win and allowing 3 earned runs in 7 innings of work. This was way before the Big Magic streak started.

He will face the Yankees starter Luis Severino, who just got back in action on September 17, starting two regular season games and now one Playoff game thus far. He has pitched a whopping 16 innings total so far this year. He pitched 4 scoreless innings in his only Playoff action against the Twins, pitching a clean slate for those 4 innings. He is (1-2) with a (5.33) ERA in 7 Postseason starts. With the weather likely to be pouring rain and a cancellation of Wed’s Game 4, the Yankees, already off one day, can use the entire bullpen and not force Severino to pitch over 4 or 5 innings here today.

The good news for the Yankees is they scored 18 runs in their only 2 Postseason Home games so far in 2019. The task won’t be easy facing Cole and how he’s pitched since May, but the good thing is that short porch in right field in the Bronx turns routine fly balls into Home Runs. Every batter in the Yankees lineup can pop one out of the park in any at bat. The old Orioles Manager Earl Weaver used to say pitch great and hit a 3 run Homer…..this may be exactly what the Yankees need today. The best news is the weather is perfect for baseball today in NY as it’s going to be 60+ degrees and sunny. The early innings could be marred by bad sun in eyes of the hitters from this earlier start than usual. So big advantage to the Pitchers in the first 3 innings or so until that bad sun to shade at the batters box turns to all shade only.

These are the two best teams in the Playoffs and this is a big game for both sides. Except both Managers to use everything including the kitchen sink, as winning this game really gives a giant leg up to the winner, and moreso to the Yankees, who play 3 straight at home and need a sweep to not return to Minute Maid Park in Houston for a 6th or 7th game.

Enjoy the game and as always, be weary to bet against the monster streak. You don’t get to 24 games in a row without a loss with luck. I know a lot of bettors have gone against Cole in this streak and use the theory he is “DUE TO LOSE”. In his case he is only “DUE TO WIN AGAIN”. Smart winning Pro Bettors don’t get in front of a train steam rolling thru….they jump on it or step aside …otherwise right now you are broke and heck likely Homeless. Don’t be that guy.

Enjoy game today and have a great new week. All this week’s new College Football Stats are up and loaded. NFL new stats for this week will be loaded shortly. We had a (3-2) week in College Football winning our only “Best Bet” on Ole Miss (+12). We bounced back off a terrible week last week in the NFL, missing a clean sweep losing the Lions/Packers-“OVER 46” by a point. We did finally win our first NFL “Best Bet” (HALLELUJAH) as Never Won Kirk Cousins helped our Eagles/Vikings-“OVER 44” cashed in very easily. So for one day we like him. That’s it though and for all you fools thinking he’s great now, he beat the third worst NY Giants Defense and then the Eagles 3rd worst vs. Pass Defense (that looked like the worst Pass Defense in 100 years Sunday as even Colin Kaepernick, the worst deep passer in NFL his last 3 seasons, would’ve hit those wide open deep balls Cousins hit)!

Have a great new week and I’ll update my entire season record (now 46-29-3) in more depth later tonight.

May all your wagers be Winning ones!

God Bless,

Gary Greene